Simple Yet Effective Dialer Apps For Android Users

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Simple Yet Effective Dialer Apps For Android Users. Mobile applications are meant to make our tasks efficient and hassle-free. This is one of the main reasons why in every smartphone, there are some pre-installed applications like stock dialers, that are there to fulfill a basic function of the smartphone. 

These preinstalled apps that come packed from the manufacturer’s end cannot be deleted by the users as per their preference. If we specifically talk about the dialer apps that come by default on our smartphones that we can say one thing about them i.e. they are not equipped with a number of features. 

The main reason behind it is that as those apps are not designed and developers to completely fulfill all the basic functions of the smartphone for example making calls, organizing contacts and many more functions of similar nature. 

The two major issues that people usually tend to face with these basic mobile dialer apps are as follows: 

  • Such applications cannot be customized as per the users’ personal preferences.
  • Being the default app, these applications rarely receive any app updates on the device. 

Due to the above-mentioned shortcomings of default dialer applications, the mobile app developers decided to come up with some of the best dialer apps that will not only provide enriching user experience but also does that in a fun way instead of following a traditional approach. In addition to this, we also recommend that you go through a detailed app review on well-known platforms like MobileAppDaily. 

Here are some of the top-notch dialer apps for Android smartphones that you just can’t afford to miss, some of them are as follows: 

1. Simple Dialler

Starting from the Simple Dialler, this efficient dialer app for Android devices is a simplistic dialer application that is highly appropriate for those people who are not that happy with their default Android dialer and are in need of a dialer that matches their requirements. 

This application comes with a large keypad proportion, which can come in really handy for those with visual differences. Also, the app can be easily customized as per user preferences and requirements. 

Here are some of the key features of the Simple Phone Dialler app: 

  • Customization of font color and size;
  • Large buttons for a quick display and easy dialing facility;
  • Option to add a contact button that dials directly from the contact list;
  • A confirmation dialogue before every call.

2. exDialer

In comparison to other Android dialer mobile apps, it’s an application that features a lucid as well as a clear interface. This Android dialer app also consists of various options, which provide a better impression of a default Android dialer along with the ability to efficiently manage contacts and call logs in a fun manner. 

In addition to this, the exDailer app has Android material inspired UI (User interface) which can be really fast in terms of performance as well. Right now it’s all about the minimalistic look that consists of some great features such as geocoder or customizable notification alerts etc.

Here are some of the key features of the exDialer app: 

  • In-built gestures and shortcuts for quick access;
  • Provides multiple language support;
  • Supports advanced customization through Plugins;
  • Excellent application for theme support. 

3. Rocket Contacts

Last but not least, we have Rocket Contacts in our list of top dialer apps. It is mainly known as one of the fastest contact manager applications that are available in the app store at present. This application can also merge contacts and apps together so that it can offer its users with the ‘Fast Open’ functionality.

Notable features of the Rocket Contacts phone dialler app: 

  • ‘Block calls’ option for blocking unwanted calls;
  • Support fast action with calls;
  • Interactive dialer to call and add new contacts as well;
  • Quick access to frequently used contacts.

So these were some of the best dialer applications for Android smartphone users that we highly recommend for an effective customized dialing experience. Apart from the dialer apps that are mentioned above, there are more options on the Google Play Store that being an Android user you can opt for.