Different Types of Sports Betting You Should Know

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For those people who are new to sports betting always have one or the other interrogation in mind. It is none other than the different kinds of sports betting. These questions are quite common in the minds of beginners as well as seasonal bettors. However, many sports fans are highly familiar with the different kinds of sports betting.  

Sports betting in Pennsylvania is quite a common pastime for many people, and thus, it’s majorly favored too. There are different ways of sports betting, and each one of them is very interesting in its manner. 

Various Kinds of Sports Betting in Pennsylvania 

There are six most essential kinds of sports betting, and they have proved to be an innovative way of betting nowadays. These are mentioned below: 

Straight Bets

Straight bets are known to be the most common form of sports betting, and thus the majority of the sports fans are familiar with the same. The games better consider it as the most basic bet. The fans of football, as well as basketball, are known to be the betters of the straight bets. In the straight bets, the bettors set a betting line that is also known as the point spread. Here, the choice depends upon the bettor, whether he wants to bet on his favored sport or bet on the other team. 

Money Line Bets

For those who indulge themselves in the money line bet must know that they have to pick up a team that has to win. There is no existence of point spread in the Money Line Bets. Such kinds of bets are not specific to a particular sport. Instead, the players can try them out for the majority of sports, with the most common out of them being baseball as well as hockey. 

Parlay Bets

Under Parlay Bets, the bettors group up to two and even more picks and form a single bet. The number of picks shall vary from being as less as two and as big as 10-12. The betting odds depend upon the total number of picks, as well as how they are grouped. The majority of the time, they commence from 13-to-5 in favor of the player. Also, it’s quite notable that their number shall reach up to 645-to-1. Such a case generally happens in a 10-team parlay. 

Total Line Bets

The Total Line Bets are also known to be one of the most common sports betting prevalent presently. Under Total Line Bets, a number is formulated to create a combined final scored for the teams. Later, the bettors bet on the actual score while saying that they might go under or over the score at the end. During Football and Basketball, the bet on the entire line is made during each half. 

Head-to-Head Bets

Some majorly common sports such as NASCAR and golf are the most common ones for the head-to-head bets. Anyone completing the game with the highest position shall be declared as the winner. Such betting is known to be the one that is popular for those kinds of sports whose winners are unpredictable. 

Teaser Bets

Teaser Bets are somewhat similar to the Parlay bets, but they are prevalent with a twist. Here too, the bettors have to group two or even more picks. However, here the players are allowed to tweak the points entirely in their favor. But, in return, they’ll have to ask for a lower payout. 

The types mentioned above of Sports Betting are quite impressive. These have just upgraded the standard of Sports Betting and have let it reach heights.  

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