Disintegrator Machine – Specifications And Details

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Industries have undergone an immense transformation in a decade. Technology has been able to transform the way we grow, process, and produce things. Today, with technology advancing in the blink of an eye, industries have started investing more on machines than on human labour. Therefore, most of their tasks are performed by machines instead of manual labour. If we go down a decade, we may notice that the initial technology was confined to perform just one task while machines today are designed in a way that they can perform multiple tasks. 

One such example is the disintegrator machine. The machine is used for various different tasks, such as crushing rods to microscopic particles. These machines are equipped with high-speed beaters. These beaters assist the machines to crush big and heavy materials into smaller particles. The process is called pulverization. 

  • Suitable for cutting down less abrasive materials: These machines prove helpful when it comes to beating down heavy, less abrasive, and brittle materials into smaller parts. The high-speed beaters make sure that the materials are crushed to their optimum level. Not only this, these beaters work for a long period of time. 
  • Contra rotating rotors: These machines are also equipped with two contra-rotating motors. The motors that are fixed on coaxial shafts are kept in housings. There are pins attached to the boundary lines of rotors in a way that the rows of rotors do not obstruct each other when passing the other rows. The material which needs to be pulverized is placed in the middle of the rod while the material pushes towards the boundaries. 
  • Role of the pins: These pins move at the speed of 500-1000 rounds per minute to crush down the materials. However, the rows do not move in one direction, but in opposite directions. 
  • Material put into the integrator machine: The material fed into the machine owns a coarseness of 70-90 mm. The variation depends on the functionality and heaviness of the machine.

How is the machine helpful for your business?

Now that you know all about the special machine, let us go through some of its features which are mentioned as follows: 

  • Good for pre-crushing of materials: Disintegrator machines are ideal for pre-crushing the materials prior to getting fed into the main machine. It is because their mesh range is really broad and has a great strength to grind hard materials. Disintegrator machines are good for crushing down materials like coal to suit the needs of industries. 
  • Works for a variety of materials: Disintegrator machines are the best when it comes to grinding coarse materials like spices and grains. Thus, they are not just confined to functioning for one type of material. 
  • Durable: While many machines suffer a general breakdown in a short while, disintegrator machines do not wither frequently. You can rely on its durability for a long time. This is because disintegrator machinery is made up of an alloy of copper and steel. 
  • Functionality: They work to an optimum level. Why? They have motors of high power equipped in them. These motors make the beaters rotate at a very high speed that makes the grinding process smooth. 
  • What about running at a low cost?: Another good part of using a disintegrator machine is that the operating and running of such a machine does not require a high cost of running. Plus there maintenance cost for these is low as well. 
  • Multiple purpose use: Disintegrator machines are ideal for not only grinding coal and spices but are also used in other industries like mining, food, and chemical industries. The ores in the mining industry need to be ground to take the form of finer particles, and hence disintegrator machines come to their rescue. While in the chemical industry, certain materials are non-abrasive and hard and require to be broken down into smaller particles to carry out certain experiments. 

These disintegrator machines are also useful in building industries wherein coarse materials need to be broken down into smaller sizes so that they can be used for the construction of buildings. 

What is the weight of the disintegrator machines?

Disintegrator machines can be very heavy. Generally, their weight ranges from about 50kgs to 1000 kgs. Hence, they need good care as well.

How much do these machines cost?

The cost of these machines may vary depending on the size and purpose of their use. They can range from thousands of rupees to lakhs. The price of a disintegrator machine for spices may differ from the one used for grinding coal, chemical material, or building materials. The cost of processing down food particles can come very in thousands.

These machines also come in semi-automatic to fully automatic range. When buying for a disintegrator machine, you can look at the features first and go through thorough research work to bring in the best product for your home, industry, or business.