Do Caribbean Medical Schools Require Mcat?

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The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is an important requirement in almost every medical school. This computer-based exam gives a good evaluation of the skills and knowledge that a student possesses. There are certain set criteria that are mandatory for getting admission in the Caribbean as well and it’s advisable to check the medical school requirements in detail to stay better prepared. 

What sets MCAT apart is that they test a student on various criteria that range from physical and biological sciences to verbal reasoning and also writing skills. This offers a better insight into the admission committee who have to go through numerous applications and need a common evaluation procedure to select students. Though the main question that arises is that exactly why does this matter? 

Purpose of MCAT

Medical schools in the Caribbean are open to taking in all eligible students from different parts of the world. Though in such a case, students from different education systems and colleges apply with their application and the grades cannot be a common measure of their ability. 

While such parameters cannot be controlled, MCAT can be closely scrutinised to truly understand the capabilities of a student. This standardised test plays the role of a common measure that can be used to quantify the qualification of applicants. 

The structure of the test is consistent which again is useful in testing the abilities of the student. MCAT is designed on the basis of inputs that come from a professional team of medical school faculty, medical residents and medical students. 

Caribbean medical schools like Saba have listed MCAT among the mandatory pre-requisite for admission for U.S. nationals and recommended it, other applicants, as well, specifically for those who meet the following requirements: 

  • Students with outdated required science coursework (>5 years old)
  • Students who completed required science coursework at a community college
  • Students with “C” grades or lower in the required science courses

What that means is that if you meet any of the above conditions or are keen to add substance to your medical school application then you have to start preparing for the MCATs at the earliest. 

Preparing for MCAT

Being well prepared for the MCAT exam is crucial if you want to get admission in a good medical school. Finding resources for the test is easy as the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has made all the study material available either at low cost or even free of any charges.

 You will also find MCAT mock exam papers online that can help you prepare better. Another thing to keep in mind is finding relevant topics that will be of importance in the test. While notes and textbooks from your previous program can be helpful, you would have to hunt for required information in them. Hence, it’s best to take an MCAT prep book that has all the important topics in a structured form, in one place. 

MCAT is an important step towards your goal of getting admission in a medical school. Hence, you have to ensure that you are prepared for your exam and get a good score that will enhance your application and help you get a place in the medical school.