Durafits Shapewear That Marry Style and Comfort in 2021 — Shop Now

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Are you a fashionista? I bet yes otherwise you would not be reading this space. But are you that fashionista who believes that fashion can’t be comfortable and things that are comfortable are out of fashion? Well, then you are not alone! This is not a myth that in order to look exceptionally good, you have to give up on comfort. There is no gain without any pain, right? Those towering high heels, super tight bustiers, larger-than-life hairstyles, they can’t be comfortable right? Similarly, influential women (read queens and big political figures) have been wearing super tight corsets for ages. Those were supposed to slim down the waist along with giving a lift to the breasts; the ideal human female figure: an hourglass. Women have never complained about how uncomfortable or suffocating bustiers or corsets are. It had kind of become a norm that in order to look pretty and desirable, you need to endure pain and discomfort.

However, the advent of spandex changed everything. Constricting bodies or in better words, achieving that flab-free abdomen became breathable as well as relaxing. And then the designers started working harder and began creating the best shapewear for women ever.

So here I am rounding up some really great shapewear that marries style as well as comfort.

Are Shapewear Comfortable?

  1. Bodysuits: They have been the best form of shapewear. Available in colours like nude, white and black, they are versatile to be worn under any type of clothing. A shaping bodysuit like this one is made of lycra and hence very comfortable. It has scooped necklines and back which makes it suitable to be worn under every type of outfit. It has a soft cup with no compression bust; hence you can understand how comfortable it must be. It firms tummy, thighs and rear and lifts up breasts and buttocks; without causing even an ounce of discomfort.

Escalate U Back Support Full Body Shapewear

Which Shapewear Does Your Body Need?

  1. Full Body shapewear: The fabric is highly elastic which means that there is not even an inch of compression. It exudes elegance while letting you breathe. The designers have thought about so much comfort that they have left the crotch open for easy bathroom access. The leg does not crimp as there is glue.

Zip Up Smooth Firm Control Full Body Shaper

What Are the Pros of a Zip-up Body Shaper?

  1. Zip up Body shaper: It gives firm control over the tummy with breathable coverage. It will smoothen your tummy, lift your buttocks and flatten your love handles.

So girls if you are looking to buy one, you should right now because right now the shapewear Black Friday sale is offering these at attractive prices!