7 Benefits of Discharging Duties as a Nurse

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7 Benefits of Discharging Duties as a Nurse. Patients often have some complex needs at the time of discharge. It includes coordinating services, medications, supplies or arrangements of clinical services by professionals. Some patents also need directions for continued care services. Attending these factors have increased the time registered nurses on discharge duties have to give. Thus, it makes the discharge service even more complicated. 

Most nurses have turned towards obtaining online MSN degree to increase their chances of professional growth. Here we list the seven benefits of discharging duties as a nurse to give your career a solid foundation. It also allows you to have more career opportunities as well as more areas to focus on.

Better Hours Of Employment

Discharge nursing is a rewarding career but it also requires around-the-clock availability. Registered discharge nurses are often required to work long hours or long weeks. Most of them cover 12-hour shifts while some work on evening and weekend shifts. 

Nurses who obtain a degree have the potential to gain promotion as department leaders or managers. This often results in a 40-hour work, making flexible working hours available for them. They have a lot of time for their families and other activities.

Potential of Earning Higher Wages

The potential to earn higher wages depends upon the degree or the experience of a discharge nurse. As they stand behind a solid degree, their chances or earning better significantly increases. One of the chief benefits for a discharge nurse is the increase in wages. According to a 2013 report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, master nurses earn higher than bachelor holders do. 

These stats significantly increase the importance of having a suitable professional degree for the better-earning opportunity. 

In light of the above-mentioned study, a master discharge nurse earns more than a registered nurse.

Improvement Of Quality By Nurse-led Discharge

Discharge nurses since long have recognized the importance of quality care in their duties. They know how fundamental a quality service is towards the safe transition of a patient. From hospital to home, a quality discharge plan is a must. 

Nurse engaged with the service understand the notion and take extra care for providing the best quality attention.

The whole discharge plan starts before, on or after the admission. It ensures that the support patient needs are coordinated to them and arranged on time. Without proper quality, there is a risk of readmissions or patients might remain longer in hospitals. These discharge nurses make sure to maintain the quality of service and providing proper support where needed.

Diversity in Work

Discharge nursing, if properly exercised, can be a rewarding experience. Giving someone, much-needed support at the time of need is a true feeling of joy. There are much diversity and interest involved in the work. 

Firstly, discharge nurses work in various areas like labor, delivery or surgery. They have a chance to take care of various patients with various conditions. No two days are the same for them hence their work remains exciting. 

Secondly, working with various patients gives a bonding experience. These discharge nurses can work in other areas besides hospitals like insurance companies or law firms. It gives them flexibility like working full-time or part-time or like a travel nurse. There is a lot of excitement for the ones associated with the profession. 

Decreasing the Patient Length of Stay

There is no doubt that admission to a hospital is not a good experience for a person. After some time a patient starts to feel like going back home. A smoothly planned discharge process makes this experience soothing for a patient. Lengthy stay for a patient is an issue and a quality service provided in this aspect helps a lot. 

Patients start to feel anxious if they remain in a hospital for too long. The discharge nurse helps them in remaining calm through proper care efforts.

Gaining Deeper Knowledge

Working alongside a vast group of professionals and various patients gives a deeper knowledge about many factors. Almost every nursing area is associated with discharge duty hence gaining deep knowledge becomes available. 

Through gradual practice, nurses gain enough knowledge to devise suitable discharge plans for patients. These plans are not only supportive but also provide after discharge information. All this is possible through understanding and knowledge over time. 

Patients Taking Advantage

The most beneficial aspect is the advantage patients take from discharge nurses. The plans provided are not only useful during the stay at the hospital. They also give proper medication and care planning for after discharge conditions. 

It gives a patient a huge advantage in having a properly designed discharge plan that acts as a support system. Some patients are easy to work with and some are not. Nevertheless, a discharge nurse considers the planning based on equal treatment criteria. 

The Final Word

The above-mentioned benefits are some of the most common ones in the area of discharge nursing. The role of a discharge nurse is valuable across all the areas of nursing. Their aim is to provide the most suitable plan for patient support and coordination. Online MSN degrees have made it easy for them to attain a master’s level education and combine it with their experiences.