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Electric Vs Charcoal Grill Which Is Best For Cooking

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Electric Vs Charcoal Grill Which Is Best For Cooking. Every non-vegetarians are not said no to grill. A grill is the most delicious dish which serves with mayonnaise and some other extra mint. Whatever a tasty dish you brought up from the restaurants is not always healthy and hygienic. To enjoy a delicious grill with a healthy cooking method is possible only in the home. And also, it gives special taste when you prepared it with your own. Cooking a delicious dish for our loved one’s may also a sign of showing love.

Before starts making a grill, you need to understand the types of grill cooking method. Mainly two ways are often used by the people to preparing it are electric grill and charcoal grill. This article explains the pros and cons of both grill and finalised with the best one for cooking.

Taste different: 

Cooking with electric grills does not give any smell flavour but charcoal grill creates a smoky flavour in your food. Some gas grills give a taste nearly to it but, it does not provide the ultimate taste of the charcoal grills. At the same time, the electric grill provides a healthier taste. Some people don’t like the smoky taste, they assume that it is not healthy to have a smoky one.

On the basis of taste, the choice is depending on your own taste bud which you like most.

Healthier one:

              Survey on the basis of healthier, electric grills is the best option you have to go with. Electric grills are the healthiest way when you cook on outdoors. They don’t produce any air pollutant like carcinogens and these grills are away from the use of unsustainable fuels which cause the bad environment. If you are very concerned about your health means it is recommended to go on with electric grills on the comparison with the charcoal grill one.

Major difference:

         The major difference between the electric and charcoal grills are space– electric grill fitted with anywhere as compact, but the charcoal needs a large airflow space because of their smoky out. Cost efficiency- comparing with electric grill, charcoal needs less cost consumption.

The electric grill:

               The electric grills are designed especially with the convenience to use. Today many manufacturers have added several features to upgrade their level. Most of them have knobs or thermostats for controlling the temperature. Electric grills best for indoor cooking because there is not much smoke. Most of them are portable so it will be easy to carry them anywhere. Meanwhile, all brands have the same basic features. There will be just a little change acquired between the brands. Another relief in electric grills are cleaning is very simple due to the presence of non-sticky option in it.


  • Start quickly 
  • Can be fitted with both indoor and outdoor cooking.
  • Non-sticky plates are very easy to clean.
  • Heat temperature setting is very easy with knobs and thermostat settings.
  • Food is easily monitoring, at the time of grilling.


  • Cannot produce the same delicious flavour as charcoal grills.
  • Heat temperature settings are limited.
  • Compared to charcoal grills, this is little costly efficient.
  • All heating elements cannot be submerged into water.

The charcoal grill:

               Charcoal grills are generally more portable than any other. Since you can’t dial down the heat, you can leave areas without briquettes control the temperature. This helps you to sear your proteins and allow it to finish cooking in the cooler areas. 


  • It gives the finish of a great flavour to the food.
  • Less cost-efficiency 
  • It creates more heat than any other grills.
  • Outdoor cooking with these grills gives the perfect time to enjoying with family.


  • Open fire cooking needs little care otherwise, it is explosive.
  • These type grills take a long time to cook.
  • These can be dangerous and supervision by adults whenever the children are around.
  • Coals may need to be moved to keep the heating of the food consistent.
  • It takes a long time to cool down.


This article is concluded with the points that both grills have negatives and positives too. So, you have to choose the right one which you really concerned about the taste, health, space and cost-effective etc. You can find more valuable information from Mippin with valuable information. So anyway we need grills to spend quality time with family or friends. Select the best which will meet your needs.