3 Signs You Should Go For An EMsculpt Treatment

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3 Signs You Should Go For An EMsculpt Treatment – If you’ve been on Instagram as of late, you’ve probably seen the athletically clad Instagram girls holding EMsculpt paddles. And it’s also possible you’ve heard a talk from dermatologists, beauty gurus, and even doctors about this fairly new health treatment. From relieving back pain to toning and sculpting the abdominal region people have a lot to say about the positive effects EMsulpt is having on their lives.

Too Good To Be True?

EMsculpt works by using electromagnetic energy at a high-intensity to trigger supramaximal muscle contractions. What’s interesting about this type of contraction is that it can’t be achieved by voluntarily contracting the muscle. Which means that it provides results you can’t get by just working out. And the results are in. Using EMsculpt to trigger supramaximal contractions is working for lots of people. In fact, it’s working so well that this form of “losing weight fast” is growing at exponential rates and quickly spreading across the country from EMsculpt treatments Fort Lauderdale to EMsculpt treatments in Orlando Florida, everywhere is getting the EMsculpt bug.

EMsculpt Treatment – Is It Safe?

EMsculpt is considered safe. It’s actually been approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA says that EMsculpt can be used for the improving muscle tone, or strengthening the abdominal region or buttocks. And of course, because it’s an electromagnetic treatment, no downtime is necessary.

Stacking It against The Competitors

If you’re wondering how this compares to other popular treatments like SculpSure and CoolsSculpting, the fact is that it’s growing a lot faster than its competitors. Why? Overall the results seem to be more drastic. In addition, some people have found that in tightening the muscles it also relieves back pain as well.

So, how do you know if it’s time for you to try an EMsculpt treatment? If you fit these three signs it’s right for you.

1. You Eat Clean

The first sign that you should go for an EMsculpt treatment is that you have a clean diet. And by a clean diet, we mean that you eat reasonably healthy. You avoid sugars and junk foods and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. You also drink plenty of water every day.

2. You Exercise

If you want to try an EMsculpt treatment you MUST be fit. In fact, some clinics suggest that you are “very fit” in order to have the procedure done. This doesn’t mean you’re skinny, but it does mean that you have some strong muscles-even if you have a layer of fat covering them.

3. You Don’t Carry Too Much Body Weight

Here’s the thing, a lot of women think they’re “fat”, but carrying some fat doesn’t make you obese. If you ARE obese, or overweight (by BMI) than EMsculpt is not right for you. However, if you eat right and exercise and you’re BMI is in the healthy range, then EMsculpt might be the perfect solution for you.

The catch is that you have to hold your extra fat in the butt or stomach region and it has to be the type of fat that just holds on regardless of how much exercise you do. The EMsculpt procedure is meant to pronounce the shape of your abs and buttocks by targeting muscles in a way they can’t otherwise be targeted. So, if you’re just looking for that little contouring to look amazing. Then this is probably a perfect fit.

Get EMsculpted!

There you have it! You now know what EMscultping is and if EMsculpting is right for you. Remember that regardless of if you’re seeking EMsculpt treatments Fort Lauderdale or EMsculpt treatments in New York, you’re bound to find some amazing options for a new amazing body that you can be excited about and proud of.