Find the Best Encyclopedia Apps with These 3 Tips

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An encyclopedia is a resource-rich in information on various topics. It has all the information you need to learn everything about your topic or subject matter of interest. You may also find it handy when writing your final research paper that’s critical to completing your semester or academic year studies.

Traditional encyclopedias are available in the form of book prints. However, many websites such as Wikipedia act as online encyclopedia resources. But, with the increased use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets, developers have come up with encyclopedia applications you can use on the go.

All you need is an Android or iOS device to access information without flipping heavy print books or dusty pages of encyclopedias stored in libraries. However, finding a trustworthy encyclopedia with the information you seek isn’t easy.

While doing research for this article, I came across various encyclopedias apps you may want to check out in the link below.

Best 10 Encyclopedia and Atlas Apps by Appgrooves

In case you don’t find a suitable encyclopedia, use the tips below to help you find a good encyclopedia such as Encyclopedia Britannica.

1. Find an Easy to Use Encyclopedia that’s Easy to Navigate for Information Access

What’s an encyclopedia? How do you navigate one to find what you need? Find an encyclopedia such as Wikipedia that’s easy to use. It’s either straight-forward to use or features guides to show you the process of accessing and navigating the specific encyclopedia.

Look out for a search engine to help you streamline and find information easily. Do searches using correct keywords to find the specific information you need.

2. Choose an Encyclopedia with More Information on its Specific Type

The best encyclopedias apps provide additional information on the type of the resource and how it differs from a dictionary. The latter offers definitions or meanings of words, including their plural and singular forms.

Dictionaries also cover grammatical information and phonetic pronunciation of words. Encyclopedias such as the Encyclopedia Dramatica provide references to pin-point to the resource’s information source.

3. Opt for a Reputable and Trustworthy Encyclopedia for Trusted Sources of Information

Where does the encyclopedias source or obtain its information? The best resources use trustworthy sources to get accurate information. Find popular and trusted sets of information resources such as the Encyclopedia Britannica that provide credible information backed with authoritative sources or references.

A reputable online resource such as Infoplease also provides credible information with authoritative sources.

Bonus Tips

4. Pick an App with Reputable Reference Material for Access to Credible Information

Where does the encyclopedia obtain its information resources? Is it a collaborative source of information such as Wikipedia? Edited by a community, the resources are ideal for casual or informal learning.

However, you may need to check a topic’s listed references or cited information sources for accuracy of the data or facts if you’re working on a research paper.

5. Access to Unique Information across Various Encyclopedias and Resources on Specific Topics

Just like a dictionary, the information in encyclopedias is organized alphabetically, but may not cover every topic or subject. Whereas some information resources focus on specific topics such as medieval art or painting, others are general encyclopedia with all kinds of information on different topics.

6. The Type of Language Supported for the Chosen Encyclopedia App

Today, encyclopedias come in all kinds of languages such as French, Dutch, English, Spanish, etc. Find an app in your native language or one that features a translator to help you understand the written information. Consider apps with as many languages as possible to cater to your unique needs out there.


Other tips to help you pick the best encyclopedias include the availability of mobile support and app versions for easy access on the go. Also, consider an encyclopedia you can access even when your device is offline.

The best encyclopedias are also available as PDF files you can easily download, the ability to save bookmarks for reference in the future. Determine if you want a kid-friendly encyclopedias app with lots of pictures for visual learning.

We hope you found this article informational, and now have everything you need to choose the best encyclopedias app.