Erectile Dysfunction: The Causes And Treatment

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What exactly is Erectile Dysfunction or ED?

Erectile Dysfunction: The Causes And Treatment. Erectile dysfunction or ED refers to a situation when men suffering from it have continuous problems with getting an erection as well as or sustaining it for a longer duration. It affects the sex lives of couples greatly and causes marital distress. Sometimes without treatment, erection dysfunction can make having sexual intercourse absolutely impossible or very hard. Erectile dysfunction usually starts from the age of 40 but can begin earlier in people. Approximately about20 to 30 million people suffer from erectile dysfunction currently.

WHAT DOES ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION MEAN? Does this mean you have a Poor Libido?

Erectile dysfunction specifically points at problems people have attaining an erection or sustaining it for longer durations of time. It is not similar to other types of sexual dysfunction problems that occur in men like premature ejaculation et cetera. Usually, mambo suffers from erectile dysfunction do not have poor libido. It is seen that more often than not their libido levels are normal and healthy and it is their bodies that are not responding to it the way they should be. It is to be noted that there exists a physical basis for this problem more often. 

Relationship between Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction?

Having low testosterone levels is not the only cause for erectile dysfunction but studies have shown that there does exist a relationship between the two. This relation is a little bit complicated and not easy to understand. Usually, it is seen that testosterone levels in men decline as they age gracefully and it is also seen that erectile dysfunction starts in men over the age of forty, both of them may not be strongly co-related but they do coincide which breeds confusion. There exists a catch as well, men with lower levels of testosterone do not necessarily have problems with their erections, it has been seen that they can attain as well as sustain healthy erections.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Following are the symptoms of having erectile dysfunction in men.

1. Soft erections

2. Semi-hard erections

3. Difficulty in attaining erections

4. Inability to sustain erections

5. Failure to engage in intercourse 3 out of 4 times

6. The reduction in the desire to engage in sexual activities

Who suffers from Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction gets more common as the men start to age. According to some studies, about 40% of men go and experience at least some degree of difficulty or inability in attaining or maintaining an erection at the age of 40 when compared to 70% of the men when they reach an age of 70. Erectile dysfunction has a solution which can be implemented at any age by medicines accompanied by a few lifestyle changes. It is also common for men to suffer from erectile dysfunction because they have high-stress levels, have anxiety and suffer from poor self-esteem.


Mentioned as following is the list of pointers you should be telling your family doctor or your sexologist when you make a visit concerning your issues with getting an erection and its treatments. You should tell them if:

a. Any history or persistence of heart disease

b. Diabetes, type one or type two

c. Respiratory problems

d. Blood pressure problems

e. Are currently taking any medication often

f. if you have had surgical procedures on you in the past six months

g. Have noticed any changes or have deformities in your penis’s shape, traction or size

h. If you have ever had a stroke

I. if you ever had erections which ended up lasting for a very long time, like four to six hours.

j. if you have sickle cell anemia, leakage or any other problems related to the body’s blood cells.

k. If you have ever had a problem related to vision loss

l. If you have experienced random bleeding

m. If you suffer from digestive problems or stomach ulcers

n. If you have liver problems

o. If you have or had problems related to the kidneys, for example, dialysis, CKD et cetera.

q. If you are taking any kind of medication or supplements

r. If you have been taking any antibiotics

s. If you are using anti-fungal medication

t. if you have previously taken or are currently taking another kind of medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction


Following ids s list of diseases that may lead to erectile dysfunction or have had other effects related to sexual dysfunction

  1. Diabetes
  2. Diseases related to your kidneys
  3. Cardiovascular diseases
  4. Atherosclerosis which means hardening of your arteries
  5. Multiple sclerosis


Following is a list of the kinds of medicines which can have effects on your sexual function. Are you take any of these medicines of having previously consumed them, do tell your general physician or your sexologist? There are as follows:

  1. Medicines for hypertension
  2. Anti-depressants
  3. Hormones
  4. Antihistamines etc.


Following are the lifestyle choices that young make which might be causing you to have erectile dysfunction. If you do any of those, it is high time you make some changes and try to get better. They are as follows:

1. Smoking

2. Eating too much

3. High-fat diet

4. Being overweight

5. Excessive consumption of alcohol

6. Taking drugs

7. Physical inactivity

8. Marijuana

Surgeries that Can lead to Erectile Dysfunction

The following procedures can lead to erectile dysfunction:

  1. Radiation for prostate cancer or bladder cancer
  2. Oral medicines are taken for problems with the prostate
  3. BPH or enlargement of the prostate

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

  • Physical examinations- your doctor may enquire about the symptoms you feel and your medical history. The doctor will examine your genital area and a deeper examination will be done
  • Lab Tests

Blood tests are used to check for the hormone levels of testosterone etc. which help to get a clearer picture.

Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

Erectile dysfunction can be a warning sign. It has a strong correlation with cardiovascular diseases. All patients that come up for erection dysfunction should undergo tests which find out about their cardiovascular health. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you duffer from heart disease if you have erectile dysfunction but has proven to be a good indicator of the same.

Erectile Dysfunction: Oral Treatment

These medicines help with increasing blood flow to your genital area which gives you a better erection most of them can be taken one hour before sexual activity and should only be taken once a day. Here is the list as follows

i. Viagra

ii. Sildenafil

iii. Viagra connects

iv. Cialis

v. Cialis connect

vi. Levitra

vii. Spedra

viii. Tadalafil

ix. Tadalafil daily

Other forms of treatments for erectile dysfunction include surgeries to restore blood flow, Filagra oral jelly is also suggested Sildenafil pill for cured ED. injectable drugs for the penis directly which help in making wider the narrow arteries and improving blood flow thereby, vacuum pumps or vacuum devices, implants and herbal therapies like taking DHEA extract and ginseng et cetera, although you should be careful while taking any additional dietary supplements as everything is not regulated and can thus have undesired effects. Many patients also suffering from premature ejaculation(PE) then on Sildenafil and tadalafil not work for him. Dapoxetine is cure PE. Cenforce D is content both component sildenafil and Dapoxetine treatment for ED and PE also.

Patients can go for psychotherapy and counseling along with couple’s counseling as erectile dysfunction can take a huge toll on the couple’s lives. Talking extensively about this with your partner is encouraged. It is okay for feeling sad, angry, embarrassed or emotional suffering from this problem but it should be understood this erectile dysfunction is more common than you know and many lines of treatment and several medicines exist which will help in curing your problem!