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The Definition Of Peace In Islamic Eyes

Muslim people and their religion are never to be considered as a symbolism of peace as it’s actually the Quran. Their sacred text is the evidence of these claims.

“Prophet, rouse the believers to wage war. If there are twenty amongst you, patient and persevering, they will subdue two hundred: if a hundred, they will subdue a thousand of the disbelievers: for these are a people without understanding.” Without further explanation, this verse tells it’s believers to instigate a war against non-Muslims. How come that they claim a religion of peace but will, without a second thought, attack other individuals?

Honestly, as an atheist – a non-believer of religions in any kind, but I do care for the innocents caught in the middle of religious skirmishes. Especially in Islam, there are cases that some Muslim people condemn the Kafir – an Islamic term for the disbeliever. I have been pondering since, and I still can’t see any justification for attacking and prying on the weak just because it is being taught on their religious conviction. Then they claim that it is the will of their God? How can God’s love be subjective?

Islam should never be considered a religion of peace as it promotes and encourages ferocity on those that do not believe in it. If they claim to be the religion of peace, then they shouldn’t just verbalize it, at least display affection towards those whose belief is not like them. Provide the same love they claim their God is giving them.