Everything You Need To Know About Audi Car

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In August 1909, Hoch founded Audi Automobile Welke GmbH, an event that began the history of the Audi brand. In the early stages of the company’s development, the company manufactured power trains and suspensions and then began manufacturing cars in the left-hand drive position. Previously, the steering wheel of all German cars was on the right. More detail is here at

Six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines were installed on the first Audi cars, with a top speed of 125 km / h. The Auto Union AG Consortium was established in 1932 with DKW, Audi, Hochi, and Wanderer. Audi’s specialization has turned to middle-class manufacturing cars. During World War II, the surviving consortium factory was renovated. The modern stage of Audi’s history, already within the Volkswagen Group Consortium, dates back to 1965.

Currently, premium class cars are manufactured under the Audi brand. The range of Audi models includes cars of various bodies, such as coupe, sedan, convertible, hatchback, crossover, family car, roadster, and even SUV. 

Audi car advantages:

  • Ergonomic cabin.
  • First-class design.
  • High level of security.
  • Economic fuel consumption.
  • Easy handling and good operability.
  • High-quality electronics.

Most Audi model equipment includes a four-wheel-drive system called the Quattro. This system guarantees maximum adhesion to the road surface, allows the vehicle to accelerate and steer smoothly, and makes handling the vehicle easier. In addition, modern cars have automatic parking systems, adaptive cruise control, and congestion assistants.

Audi car features

The vehicle lighting is particularly tidy. Over the years, the company has successfully created the ideal adaptive lighting system. When the vehicle exceeds 60 km / h, the automatic assistant turns on complete headlights consisting of four powerful LEDs. The emitted light is better than all full LED headlamps in terms of range and brightness. A dynamic gauge, a manufacturer-specific feature, is also part of the Audi model’s details.

The company’s staff includes experts in design and ergonomics as well as driver and passenger cabin aroma and tactile experiences. The company’s car features a Quattro transmission system with A3 Sport back, A4 Avant, A5 Sport back, Q7, and more. This technology provides perfect handling and ensures an excellent grip on the road. Active sports rear differentials have also been developed, the benefits of which are particularly noticeable when cornering.

Audi Connect features make driving with the German manufacturer Audi A7, A8, and other models even more comfortable. On-board Wi-Fi hotspots provide full access to email, social media, and navigation programs. A specially developed Audi MMI application provides information about the vehicle and secures it remotely. 

Audi model safety system

  • Basic prior knowledge. The system detects the start of a potentially dangerous maneuver and provides preliminary alerts to other systems. When the maneuvering speed exceeds 30 km / h, the electric pretension of the seat belt is activated. This system prevents Audi drivers and their passengers from taking positions that could increase the risk of injury. When a strong lateral acceleration occurs, the window closes automatically, reducing the risk of foreign matter entering the cabin. This technology is optionally installed on 5 GB A1 hatchback models.
  • Presence city. This system detects other drivers at speeds less than 85 km / h. The assistance system alerts the driver when a dangerous situation occurs and applies emergency braking if necessary. The FY5 Q5 crossover is included in the list of cars that come standard with Pre Sense City technology.

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