Everything you Need to Know About the American Bulldog Breed

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Over the years, the American Bulldog has become quite the statement. Usually associated with the rich and famous, these muscular pups can be seen flaunting a bold golden chain and printed shirts. They aren’t just popular for their physical appearance, but also because of their affectionate and intelligent nature. 

Since they are so muscular, they need a lot of exercise. Therefore, it’s important to consider a few factors before purchasing or adopting an American Bulldog pup. Learning about the breed you want to introduce into your household is important in determining whether you are the right kind of person for a certain breed. 

Without any further ado, let’s dive deeper into the origins, personality, features, and traits of the American Bulldog. 


The American Bulldog derived from its ancestors the Old English Bulldog. They were bred with other working dogs on the farmlands to incorporate all the best traits of a working dog. To improve their agility, speed, strength, and loyalty, farmers would breed the Old English Bulldog with other terriers and therefore it resulted in the American Bulldog. Learn more about the origins of this cute little dog breed here:

Originally used to herd cattle, hunt wild pigs and other pests on the country lands, the American Bulldog became quite a powerhouse. Because of its brute strength, the breed was used in bull baiting. A horrific sport that bet money on dogs fighting to the death. These fights resulted in the breed almost becoming extinct. Luckily, it was revived once bull baiting became illegal and breeders cultivated the breed. 

Despite of its violent past, this breed isn’t a threat to any household and is quite loving. 

Physical Features

Much bigger than its French and English counterparts, bulldog puppies can grow up to 28 inches in height. One of the heaviest dog breeds in the world, this large pup can end up weighing more than 120 pounds. Depending on its bloodline and genes, some can even grow to be much bigger and heavier. 

The most noticeable feature of its physical appearance is its strong and muscular body. The most muscle can be seen on its shoulders and chest area. A bulldog’s coat is typically short and smooth. Which is great, because this means that they won’t shed long soft hairs and that they are easy to groom. A bath and wash every other week are more than enough with no need for trimming the coat. 

Its coat features a variety of color patterns including browns, reds, blacks, fawn, and brindle. One of the most common and popular color combinations are the predominantly white bulldog with large brown spots, especially a large spot over the eye and ear. 

True breeds will typically feature black pigmentation on the eye rims and on the nose with pink coloration on the mouth area. Eye color is typically brown, but there has been reports of heterochromia where two different colors within the pupil occurs. 

You’ll be able to spot an American Bulldog from miles away by the amount of drool that comes from their mouths. This is a typical phenomenon amongst bulldogs. 


Bulldogs are excellent additions to the family because of their protective nature. They are very suspicious of any strangers and can be quite territorial. As long as they feel safe and protected, they won’t become agitated. To avoid any aggressive tendencies, it is important that owners implement socialization training as soon as they are adopted. 

This will ensure that they get along with other dogs, other humans, and anything unfamiliar that might frighten them. Overall, these pups are very loving and affectionate. They are extremely adaptable and can live in a small apartment or a large home with a big yard. 

If you are considering to get an American bulldog, then you have to be active. When staying in a small apartment, you should take them out on daily walks and runs in the park. Even though you do have a large backyard, it will be important for their mental health that you play fetch and running games in the garden. This will help them burn some of the energy that can build up quite quickly in their bodies. 

Bulldogs have been reported to become quite mischievous and even destructive when they have too much energy. They need loads of physical and mental stimulation to remain happy and disciplined. Watch this video for tips on how to train your English American Bulldog.

English bulldog beside ball on grass

Maintenance and Care

This breed has a life expectancy between 10-16 years. The oldest dog within this breed turned an amazing 20-years old in January 2018. It was a pup named Oliver from Cleveland, Ohio. 

To ensure your pup remains physically healthy, they should be on a healthy diet from their early years. Since they are prone to obesity, it’s important to check their weight and take them for regular vet visits. 

Medical conditions that they are prone to contracting are mange, cataracts, and hypothyroidism. Because they have such short noses, they can become quite uncomfortable in places with very warm weathers. Make sure they always have enough fresh water in their bowls to keep them hydrated. 

They are prone to boredom, depression, anxiety, and destructive behavior when they don’t get a lot of exercise. As long as owners meet their exercise and mental health needs, the American Bulldog will live a happy and healthy life.