Exclusive Skincare Routine Tips for Teens

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An adolescent period is some of those stages that shape us not only mentally but physically as well. Being a teenager is stressful as you not only have to study more, apply for college, but you also have to maintain yourself socially. Besides all this, acne is also that one extra thing that every teen doesn’t want to have. As a teenager, seeing unnatural growth or few physical changes is normal during this period. However, acne is a common issue that often happens due to hormonal changes that come with puberty. These hormonal changes increase the skin’s oil production that can lead to clogged pores, blackheads, acne breakouts, and whiteheads. To resolve all this, every teen must practice skincare routine tips to keep their skin fresh. 

Indulge in Clean Makeup Practices

It is important that you must be mindful of how your makeup practices affect your skin complexion. Consider all the skin products and applicators that you are using for your skin as they can accumulate bacteria if kept overtime. Using them after a long time might not be good as they can cause acne breakouts. To prevent all these, make sure to avoid sharing your makeup with others, clean your brushes and other makeup applicators regularly. 

Avoid Touching Your Face 

Every time when you touch your face, you’re increasing oil, dirt, and bacteria that can eventually turn into acne breakouts so, it is important that you keep those hands away from your face. Though this may be quite hard to do, but your skin will definitely be away from those bacteria. Moreover, avoid picking at your pimples, doing this will only spread the infection, damage your skin, and cause further inflammation. It will leave your skin redder and more swollen than before. Not all this, it will increase the chances of developing a scar or hyperpigmentation. 

Eat a Nutrient-filled Food

Eating fast food that includes a high amount of fatty acids and sugary content is not ideal. A high amount of sugar intake can have negative effects on your skin that can inflammation, which then can lead to acne breakouts. Instead of eating this, try maintaining a well-balanced diet by eating a nutrient-filled diet as this usually consists of whole foods that will nourish your body and your skin as well. 

Protect Yourself from Extreme Sunlight

Protection from extreme sunlight is crucial for every age, and one of the best to protect your skin is by applying sunscreen every day. The UV rays emitted by the sun can affect your skin if you stay at least 15 minutes under it that means it poses a direct threat to your skin. Hence, always keep a sunscreen bottle handy, especially if you’re engaging in outdoor activities. 

Be Patient 

When it comes to skincare, you need to be patient about your skin results. A skincare routine is a process that can take time to see outcomes, and in this, you need to be calm. While using a certain product like nu skin moisturizer, you may expect quicker results, but it is always ideal to keep yourself patient and do not stress yourself.