Exotic Betta Fish for Sale

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Most people have a common misconception about betta fish for sale that a tank containing salt water is a must if you want sharp colored and beautiful fish. No-one can deny this. Freshwater tanks are way easier to look after, they cost much less money for exotic betta fish for sale, and the fish are harder and easier to look after.

If you are looking for exotic betta fish for sale to your freshwater aquarium, check out some of our picks on exotic betta fish for sale.

Halfmoon Betta

The name of the halfmoon betta explains itself. The tail is wide, forming a semi circle having similarity to half-moon’s shape. This subspecies is exclusively raised in captivity, and cannot be found in forest ponds.

Many experts usually breed the half-moon bettas exhibition shows that are specially held for bettas. The first halfmoon betta bred happened in the 1980s, it didn’t take too long to find Europe, where it became internationally renowned.

Elephant Ear Bettas

This is an exceptional fish that doesn’t fall into the categories of tail or color. Rather its rare feature has been its fins that are pectoral. Elephant ear betta fish, also called dumbo betta fish, have a rare shape. This breed’s fins are quite amusing in brilliant colors. 

Betta Channoides:

They can be kept in pairs in the tanks, along with caves and plants. Snakehead betta is their other name. This mouthbrooder species can tolerate all forms of water. Males of channoides have a more intense color compared to females who look like washed-out versions of males.

Care Tips for Exotic Betta Fish

Betta splendens are native species of Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos, where they live in the rice paddies, ditches, slow-moving waterways, and shallow pools. They make use of their labyrinth organ to live in dry and oxygen-poor environments. It helps them to breathe air even above the surface of the water while still having gills like all other fishes.

Some people assume that they can keep bettas in smaller containers or flowerpots. Bettas, as pets, require filtered tanks with enough space for decoration and for the betta to swim in. The ideal temperatures for them are between 76 °- 84 ° F. They become sluggish at lower temperatures and are susceptible to infection. In order to avoid your betta from jumping out of the tank when they get aggressive, the reef tank should be filled with plants or other decorative items. These items can provide them entertainment, especially in small tanks. bettas seem to be carnivores who feed on wild insects and parasitic insects. In aquariums, they are fed with protein-based meals.

A large variety of Betta Fish:

Because of the breed’s popularity, various new breeds are coming. You can visit the pet store and can get amazed by a new betta fish, which you have never or heard of. You can also find a betta not exactly fitting into any of the categories we’ve described. You never know what a beautiful fish you’ll come across with betta fish!