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Factors that Impact the Cost of Installing a Walk-In Bath

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When comparing walk-in bathtubs’ prices, it’s also essential to consider labor and installation costs. While some tubs come with the installation cost built into the listed price, this can often be a “base” cost of installation; it won’t cover things like rerouting your plumbing to put your tub in a different place. For tubs that don’t have installation built into the price, you’ll have to get a vague idea of what installation will cost to make an accurate price comparison. Keep reading to learn what factors will influence the cost of installation for your walk-in bathtub.

Bathroom Accessibility

If you have narrow hallways or tight corners leading to your bathroom, the installers may have trouble getting your tub there. This can make the labor and installation much more complicated, as they may have to take doors off hinges, or even widen doorways and make other changes to the space to get the tub in. If you’re buying a tub, make sure you consider the size of the access routes, as well as the size of the space you’re putting it in. Purchasing a tub that can easily be navigated through your home and to the bathroom can help keep labor costs down.

Condition of Floors

Some walk-in tubs can be much more massive than standard bathtubs. If your floors aren’t built to bear the load of a more decadent tub—mostly once it’s filled and has an occupant—then the installers may have to check the floor joists and reinforce them for the additional weight. Because this is additional construction, it will likely cost you more.

Location of Plumbing

If you’re having the walk-in bathtub installed in the same place that your standard tub was, you shouldn’t have to worry about any difficulty connecting the new tub to your existing plumbing. However, if you want the tub in a different location, pipes may need to be repositioned. This can constitute a total remodel of your bathroom and be significantly more expensive than a standard installation.

Seamless Flooring and Surround

In some cases, your new walk-in tub will fit perfectly where your old one was, and you won’t have to worry about touching up the flooring or tiles on the walls. But more often than not, your new tub will have slightly different dimensions. This may require additional tiles to be added to the walls or a few extra flooring pieces to be installed to get a seamless look. If you’re not completing these finishing touches yourself, you’ll have to pay a bit different.

When purchasing walk-in bathtubs, it’s essential to consider all of the factors that will impact the final cost, including everything that influences labor costs.