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Facts About Ecoline Windows & Other Window Solutions

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Nowadays, people may not be familiar with differentiating a good uPVC window from a terrible kind. In some countries, windows have certification. It is an energy rating to determine the window’s ability to keep the heat. Usually, it begins at A as the most ideal, followed by B, and so on. But looking at it may not tell you if they are similar to Ecoline Windows or simply the traditional ones. Hence, it is wise to know the basics of window solutions.

There are several factors to consider to identify that it is a good uPVC window. Usually, it only takes changing the reinforcement from aluminum or steel to a carbon reinforcement. It lessens the heat loss via the window frame. 

uPVC part

The uPVC section, which is the plastic used to create the windows, has to have ten years or higher guarantee with the system. This way, it will have enough coverage for the discolouring and warping issues.


Ensure that the double glazing has enough warranty. Most of the previous double glazing has a seven-year warranty. However, the newer ones have about 15 or higher warranty.

Lock system

Locking systems come in various types. Some companies that provide window services use the least expensive model unless the client specifies a particular lock system. For a better system, consider getting the shoot-bolt type.


Generally, windows like Ecoline Windows have the four corners of the sash and frame welded. However, the mullions and transoms may either be mechanical or welded. For previous models, they have mechanical joints that are still present these days. This way is faster to make windows, but one flaw is mullions or transoms can shrink by half a millimeter and so the draught can go in.


Handles have various types; some may last up to six months or until a year. It depends on how frequent the usage is. On the other hand, some models will reach over five years. There is no telling how to differentiate these types. The next best thing to do is to look into the guarantee and make sure that the policy is two years and above.


There are various types of hinges used in Ecoline Windows. It may be challenging to tell apart from the good hinges and bad ones. Always refer to the warranty coverage as this will make it issuer when issues arise in the future. A two-year policy on all moving parts is enough.

Screws On The Hinges

It may sound minor, but hinges are essential too. Finding out that rusts are present all over the hinges and sash is a terrible situation. It is best to use the stainless screws, though some companies may use zinc-coated ones. Let the contractor know the preferred type of screws to avoid rust issues in the future.

Benefits Of Double Glazed

One of the benefits of double glazed types like that of Ecoline Windows, is noise reduction. It can lessen the noise to about 70% compared to traditional windows. This type of window is an excellent investment, especially for families with newborn babies.

It can also provide thermal comfort. During summer or winter, temperatures can be unbearable; with double glazing, it has an insulation feature that can regulate the windows’ temperature during cold or hot weather.

Furthermore, it can improve energy efficiency and lessen energy consumption. The optical grade acrylic glazing feature is way better than glass in providing insulation, which can refine the performance of summer glazing to about 70%, and in winter glazing to about 60%.