Six Top Fashion Accessories and Trends

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Fashion is all about expression and individual preference. However, it can sometimes be quite a challenge to get it right, because accessories could both make the overall a hit or a miss. We would not blame you as, indeed, this dilemma is legit. After all, there is something new each day in this fast-paced world that it is challenging to keep track of what is in trend and what is not. Therefore, we decided to ponder over this and managed to create a comprehensive guideline of all the top fashion accessories and trends. You can incorporate these while creating your daily outfit of the day, or let’s say it in Instagram lingo, #OOTD. 

Let’s not keep you waiting for long. Here you go! 

Bamboo Bags

Bamboo bags are the latest obsession on social media amongst girls if you happen to be an avid Instagrammer. It has quickly become everyone’s favourites, and whether you like it or not, it has already managed to make its place in many closets. 

Most of the pretty ladies out there try and squeeze all their life into their bags, and bamboo bags happen to be an attractive and a super practical choice. Above all, it looks very chic, sophisticated, and adds a nice touch of glam. 

It is safe to call this an exciting and quite a versatile trend out there in the market lately. With so many celebrities, influences, and bloggers diving into this trend, it is here to stay for longer than we can imagine. The best part about it is that, be it summer or winter, it blends in with both the seasons’ very well. What more could you ask? 

Whatever the choice, bamboo bags are a smart option in terms of cost, style, and weight.

Pearl Jewelry:

Another hit lately other than the tortoiseshell jewellery is the pearl jewellery. It has always been popular and now, quite back in trend for the grace and exquisiteness it exudes. The beauty of it is that it works well with both casual as well as formal wear. Speaking of this, if winters have arrived in your part of the region, and you want to layer up while at the same time want to look elegant, wearing a chunky pearl necklace with a cutesy jumper is always a refreshing idea. 

For shirts with an already elaborated neckline, you can always keep it balanced by merely going for pearl studs.

Wrap Dresses

If you are looking for that one piece of clothing that will prove to be the ultimate choice for almost every occasion, then it has to be wrap dresses. Currently, on every woman’s mind, we couldn’t help but agree that wrap dresses are an elegant choice.

The coolest part about a wrap dress is that you can dress it up or down as you please. To be precise, you can make it look too dressy as well as too casual, depending upon the occasion. In addition to this, it is a perfect choice for women who are always on a hunt for options on the modest side. Wrap dresses are super comfortable, stylish, and accentuate the body quite well. The silhouette of wrap dresses are too die for since it pretty much complements every body shape and size. They come in a lot of lengths and prints, so you need not worry about the variety factor here. From stripes, pastel, floral to ruffles and asymmetrical, wraps dresses come in all! 

Pair it up with some statement accessories, light makeup, a beautiful hairdo, and girl; you are good to go! 

Adidas Yeezy Boost Sneakers

Summer initiatives for Kanye West’s instantly-growing sneaker catalog are starting to uncover themselves, and one of the genius silhouettes starting to garn more attention is the Adidas Yeezy Boost sneakers.

Tortoiseshell jewellery

Everyone has been raving about this lately and rightly so! Tortoiseshell jewellery is a classic piece that could be teamed up with both day and night outfits. Whatever the case may be, it will only add the right amount chic element to your overall look. 

If you want your look to be on the bolder side, then we suggest you go for a thick cuff. Similarly, for a more straightforward look, you can go for a pair of hoop earrings or studs to round off the look. These pieces of tortoiseshell jewellery are a perfect mix of sophistication and style. You can instantly make your look a tad edgier by pairing them with your choice of outfit. 

Snake Print

We have seen how leopard or cheetah print have had managed to rule the fashion industry all this time. Now, it is all about snake print everywhere! If your wardrobe doesn’t have one, it is high time that you go and purchase one. Because, why not? It is super trendy, classy, and glamorous.

It is not only trending when it comes to clothing but also footwear. Try pairing snake printed boots with an all-black outfit and see for yourself how stylish of a look it happens to be.

Moreover, it is a pleasant change from the leopard print in case you are tired of the monotony. If you are an animal print person, then snake patterned wear will appeal to you. However, it could be a tad tricky to still this print to perfection. Therefore, make sure you explore a bit about it before styling it up.

Ruched Dresses

Another popular trend recently has been ruched dresses. They have been ruling the ramps and social media like there is no tomorrow. 

If you are new to this and wondering what ruching is, then it is a gathering meant for decorative purposes. It distributes the fabric evenly to the other parts of a dress and gives it a stylish and luxurious appearance.

Moreover, it is flattering regardless of their body shape and size as it camouflages any bumps or lumps. For the pregnant ladies out there, a ruched dress is one smart option in the market. So, make the most of it! However, pregnant or not pregnant, it is meant for all. 

It only takes the right makeup, hair, and accessory to bring up a ruched outfit. You have a lot of room to play when it comes to a ruched dress. Wear your stilettos when it is a date night or a casual friend’s night out, sneakers alongside a crossbody bag will give you an edgy, girly look. It is all in the way you carry this dress that will make or break your entire look.