Top 7 Fastest Most Powerful Cars In Your Budget

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Fastest Most Powerful Cars In Your Budget. Are you looking for the most powerful cars but you cannot afford what appears in the classifieds. This article will suggest to you some of the fastest cars under 15K. It tells you that you can get a powerful car on a limited budget.

There is no need to spend most of your time browsing for an affordable but powerful car with minimal success. We have done most of the work for you and make everything easy your way. There are so many cheap options and what you are lacking could only be the knowledge. Here are some of the top suggestions if you are looking for the best cards under 15K.

E60 BMW M5: 507BHP

This car presents a bonkers V10 engine. It is among the fastest cars that you will find in the market at the most reasonable price. Most people who own this car have been astonished at its super performance. It probably explains why this is among the top cars that you need to pick with 507bhp in the category of the fastest cars under 15K.

The price of this car is even less than that of a new Dacia Sandero but the quality is amazing. Putting aside the catastrophic shortcomings, the E60 BMW M5 is among the maddest and coolest performance cars that have ever been manufactured. The AV10 super-saloon makes this car to be delicious insanity in the market.

Nissan 370Z: 325BHP

Bring up the rear, this is the only outright sports car on this list. The Nissan 370Z was a result of the highly popular 350. This brand did not appear to live up well to the desired hype. It surprising in the few numbers of these cars that are on the road yet it is a powerful but affordable car.

Most people have not discovered the power that is in the Nissan 370Z. It is an excellent car for driving that comes with a generous 325bhp. It also has a buzzing V6 soundtracking to boot. We can confidently say that owning this car is an underrated bargain.

Ask anyone who owns the Nissan 370Z and you will be surprised at how much you have been missing out. You can be sure if getting a great deal when you buy this car model and your desire was to get one of the fastest cars on the planet.

Jaguar S-Type R: 400 BHP

If you go to the United Kingdom, you will find Mike Fernie tingling right now. He is a self-proclaimed Jagophile resident engineer. In fact, this father is among the people who drive this car. With the 400 all-English horses, this V8 S Type brings the combination of the legitimacy ferocious powertrain and the smooth laziness users expect. You will keep on wondering where the power of this car comes from. There is no other manufacturer that makes the engine sound as angry quite like a jag.

Lexus LS600: 389BHP

There is no doubt that the Lexus LS600 is the least sporty car on our list. However, it is one of the fastest cars under 15K. Professionals will tell you that it is a perfect answer for anyone who is searching for a posh car under 15K.

It has a hybrid assisted 398php V8 that is not very fast.  It is easy to understand that given the size of land-yacht that it has to pull around. The best option is to go for this Lexus LS600 if speed is of great concern to you. There is so much that you are missing out on if you don’t drive the Lexus LS600.

If you are looking for a perfect car that will not put a hole in your pocket, then this is the perfect answer. It guarantees you to enjoy a smooth and swift ride throughout. It is one of the best ways to spend your money on a new car.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo: 450 BHP

It is hard to believe that you can get a Porsche under 15K. If you are looking for a Turbo-badged Porker at a cheap price, this brand has the best offer to give you. The Cayenne brand was trending as a super-SUVs that was so dominant on the streets.

It also happens to be among the fastest cars under 15K. It is so powerful that you won’t fail to enjoy it while on the road. The other thing that you will live in is the beautiful design of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo.


When the Ferrari-engined Quattroporte was first invented in the early years of 2000, it was the fastest saloon car all over the world. Clarkson Jeremy was among the first people to marvel at the remarkable straight-line performance of this car.

This tells you why the car is so odd the way its 395php sounds. It is a bit conservative by modern-day standards. The latest Mercedes E63S has an additional 200bhp. It tells you the performance of the fastest modern cars in the market.

However, this should not fool you because MASERATI QUATTROPORTE: 395 BHP still remains to be one of the fastest cars under 15k. You will be astonished by the remarkable performance of this car.

Mercedes CLS55 AMG: 500 BHP

This car comes as the last one on our list of the fastest cars under 15K. However, you can get more useful tips on It is one of the mad stuff you will get in 500s. It is a stylish and sleek salon car that sacrifices a bit practicality in the favor of an added coolness.

The 55 is actually the mad model. You will get one of the most powerful cars with the measly 500 horses at a reasonable price. You can be sure you will love this Mercedes model when it comes to power and speed.


These are the most powerful cars that you can find within your budget. Power translates to speed and hence you will love driving this car all day long.