Some Important Functions and Features About CatEight Course Search

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Some Important Functions and Features About CatEight Course Search. (hereinafter referred to as CatEight) is an Internet product developed by Fatbox Technology Services Pty Ltd to provide technical solutions to course search, courses and student visa application, and customer management. CatEight, founded in 2013, focuses on finding training courses, finding educational institutions, finding agents and delivering courses. CatEight also provides support for Student management, visa applications, and international agent. Each role in the course registration process: Students, agents, and institutions will benefit from our coverage of all aspects of the process, including course search– completion of the application form – a list of course documents created by our system – file download – choose how to send files and track application progress information. CatEight also provides a news and advice platform that allows users to Publish articles on training courses and visa searches.

Functions of CatEight:

With CatEight, students can easily send course applications online, but CatEight can also create convenient and effective online management platforms for agents and institutions. For agents, CatEight is a system for online application and customer relationship management (CRM). In addition, the agent can create a custom site that has a secondary domain that intelligently manages students’ application files to increase productivity. With regard to educational facilities, CatEight provides an online platform where institutions and students can communicate at any time. Institutions can update and change campus information and courses, receive requests from agents and students, send relevant articles, and more.

Services and Features:

CatEight has a Chinese and English site. These sites offer the same services and features, allowing students, agencies, and institutions to change the language flexibly when needed. With CatEight, students, agents, and institutions can manage their applications separately, send and receive courses, visa applications, and communicate online. For agents and institutions, our systems can significantly reduce consulting costs, and CRM system can help them manage and archive online application files automatically during the application process. Manage online demand documents without papers that make them effective, unified and smart.

We continuously improve our capabilities to meet changing market demands and customer needs. Fatbox Technology Services Pty Ltd is an IT company dedicated to delivering innovative and focused solutions to education management solutions. Since the first few days, we tried to help CatEight 100% careful. In addition, the user experience is very important to us. We look forward to your thoughts and suggestions on CatEight. Only in this way we can provide better service for you. To improve the user experience and maximize convenience and efficiency, we display data in the list, which users can click to view detailed information.

CatEight includes extensive course information from educational institutions in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. We have recorded nearly 30,000-course data for Australia alone. Most of these courses are offered by Universities and their universities’ branches. There are also many diploma programs, high school courses, and English language instruction. Each course has more than ten aspects, including campus information, tuition fees, admission requirements, and admission requirements. In addition, Course Search provides users with advanced search options that let you easily search for the course you need using different search criteria. In addition, users can make comparisons, of course, to understand the pros and cons of each course quickly and to promote its use in the future. If users cannot find a course they like, they can also view course information on the form on our website and search for a recording agent.

Application Form or Visa:

If you are applying for a course or visa, you can fill out the form online. This model is based on the various application forms used by Australian and New Zealand institutions, as well as visa application forms provided by the National Immigration Service. The final design of this model was also supported by representatives with extensive practical experience. In addition, our system intelligently extracts information from users and fills the corresponding fields in the form to increase efficiency.

CatEight has its own application documentation database. In addition to different types of courses and visa application documents, CatEight also provides templates that users can refer to. Our system also automatically creates a list of documents based on user data, greatly reducing consulting costs for agents and institutions.

If you are a student, you can apply for a course or visa through an agent through CatEight. If you are an institutional user, you can receive a free course request through our website. If you are an agent, you can send or receive a course or visa application to another agent. In addition, CatEight devised a set of requirements for students to make their own decisions.


The file management system in the cloud application supports storing forms and application files over the Internet. After you submit a course or visa application, users can download or save course or visa-related files at any time, or simply download and save the application file to your computer, tablet, or tablet. mobile. In short, CatEight provides all the course and visa related services.