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Feed Your Family with These Fast-food Family Food Packages

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The shelter-at-home orders meant families have to spend more time with each other. While it has its merits, it can also become tiring for the cook of the house to whip up course after course, meal after meal for their families. Fortunately, more and more fast-food and quick service chains are offering family food packages!

These packs are obviously large enough to feed a large family so there’s less effort on the cook’s part. Don’t worry about being unnecessarily exposed to the coronavirus since these chains also offer drive-thru and delivery services!

Zaxby’s Family Packs

Have your kids been missing their share of Zaxby’s chicken fingers and other treats? Well, you should download the Zaxby’s app and order its Family Pack to make them happy! You can choose from two types of family meal packs that you can order online or collect through drive-thru. Zaxby’s menu prices have always been fairly affordable, so that part helps too.

The choices are either 30 boneless wings or 20 chicken fingers, which should be sufficient for four people. Every family meal pack also has Texas toast, crinkle fries and dipping sauces, which are all shareable sides. You may also add to your order by buying drinks and desserts.


We live in difficult times and we must find happiness when and where we can! Obviously, chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches won’t solve our problems but these are comfort food. We can find happiness as we much away on these delicious food together with our family and, thus, make social distancing less burdensome.

And what better way to enjoy chicken meals than ordering from Chick-fil-A! The chain has recently introduced its Family Meal bundles at numerous participating restaurants across the country.

And the best thing about it: You can actually build your own Family Meal! The prices start at $15, a great deal indeed. Think about it: You’re not only getting a delicious and nutritious meal for your family but you’re also not slaving over the stove for it.

You can choose from many Chick-fil-A favorites to build your meal. The choices include chicken nuggets, spicy chicken sandwiches, regular chicken sandwiches, mac and cheese, waffle fries, and chocolate chunk cookies. Every bundle also comes with a gallon of either unsweetened or sweetened iced tea.

You have three choices in getting your hands on the Family Meal, too – drive-thru, delivery and carry-out.

Red Lobster

Seafood should also be part of your shelter-at-home diet! But you don’t want to deal with the icky parts of preparing seafood either. Your best choice then is to order from Red Lobster, a chain of restaurants renowned for its reasonably-priced seafood dishes and platters.

You can choose from 11 family meals – yes, you read that right – and each family meal can feed up to four people. The prices are reasonable, too, with the starting price at about $30. Every family meal also comes with Bay Biscuits, a firm favorite of ours.

The family meals usually include fish fry, crab linguine and sirloin, among others, as well as plenty of cheddar and sides.  Delivery is free, too, when ordering through Red Lobster’s official website.

Jack in the Box

Getting your fast food fix is fast and easy with Jack in the Box’s three meal bundles, which are available through delivery, takeout and drive-thru. Every meal can feed up to four persons, perhaps five if they were kids. The prices range from $20 to $26, which are affordable for families on a budget.

The burger meal consists of two each of Ultimate Cheeseburger, Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, medium curly fries, and medium potato wedges, as well as four tacos. The chicken meal comes with two each of Spicy Chicken Sandwiches with Cheese, Value Chicken Sandwiches, medium curly fries, and medium potato wedges, as well as four tacos. The breakfast meal has four each of Breakfast Jacks, hash browns, and orange juice as well as two sausage croissants.


The Colonel’s chain won’t be left in the dust! KFC is also offering its own family-friendly deal through its $30 Fill Up deal. The pack includes eight pieces of either the extra crispy chicken or the original recipe chicken, as well as 12 pieces of chicken tenders, four biscuits, large coleslaw, and two large mashed potatoes with gravy.

You can divide the pack so you can get two meals out of it. Plus, we love that it has reheating instructions on the receipt that saved us time in figuring out how to eat the food warm.

Panda Express

Why not add Chinese-inspired food to your dinner rotation? Panda Express is offering its Family Meal, too, priced at $20 for three large entrées and two large sides. The simplified menu still features most of the favorites, such as broccoli beef, orange chicken, kung pao chicken, grilled teriyaki chicken, honey walnut shrimp, mushroom chicken, firecracker shrimp, sweet fire chicken breast, and black pepper Angus steak.

With all these choices, you shouldn’t have a problem planning your menu for an entire week.