Five Omega Watches Back on the Shelf

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Watches also play an essential role in completing or improving one’s sense of style or fashion. People accompany their day to day outfits with wristwatches of their taste. Throughout the continuous evolution of time, these timepieces also emerge with an added purpose aside from complimenting daily dresses and attires.

Adapting to these changes is a must thing to do but is hard to take. Omega watches are luxury watch brands that strive to adapt to this fast-paced, changing world through its world-renowned timepieces made with excellent craftsmanship by all its artisans. This article lists the five Omega Watches you can again avail.

Omega Speedmaster Manual-winding Men’s Watch

If you are looking for a watch that you can wear no matter what the occasion is, this Omega watch is the one definitely for you. This men’s watch features a blue dial with three other white subdials. These three subdials were put in the 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions and were responsible for 30-minute, 12-hour, and 60-second counters.

The deep blue tachymeter bezel also emphasizes the watch’s ocean blue dial adorned with sword hands and baton index markers. The watch’s safety is also nothing to worry about, with its closed back and the front protected by a stainless steel case continuing along with the bracelet band to provide comfort to the wearer.

This timepiece that can be worn anytime will only cost you an amount of ¥727,182. It is a low price expectation considering the luxury brand it belongs to and the quality of each of its materials. It relies on its 18 jewels for time-telling precisions. However, the watch should be kept away from any liquids as it has a low water resistance capacity.

Omega Speedmaster Silver Men’s Watch

The red tachymeter bezel of this timepiece from the Speedmaster series of Omega further enhances the clean look of the silver-white dial with three other subdials positioned in the 3

o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions for 30 minutes, 12 hours, and 60 seconds counters. Its silver-toned sword hands and baton index markers add to the elegance of this  watch.

A stainless steel case enclosed the whole watch to protect it against any outside elements that can harm it, and it runs up to the bracelet band, which then assures comfort on the user’s wrist. The 1861 caliber movement coupled with 18 jewels provides a more accurate time-telling precision.

Grab this simple yet elegant men’s watch here for only ¥981 728. Remember only to take extra care when trying to walk alongside bodies of water while wearing this, or against anything that can soak the watch in water. Nevertheless, this Omega Silver Watch is perfect for all occasions, especially for formal and non-formal situations.

Omega Seamaster Olympic Official Timekeeper

Are you going for a walk? Or a date with your special someone? The combination of simplicity and pleasant look of this timepiece from the Omega Seamaster is the perfect one for your wrist. Its glossy round body is equipped with stainless steel to protect the whole watch’s interior. You can also observe its internal mechanisms through its transparent back.

The watch is designed to complement light attires for non-formal occasions to bring up a pleasant and light feeling. It features a combination of black and white for its dial with stick index markers and Arabic Numerals, and white stick hands, with the current date that can be seen on the six o’clock position.

It can maintain its perfect operating procedures for up to 55 hours with a water resistance capacity of up to 60 meters. Your safety and comfortability are considered with the timepiece’s gold leather as it’s bracelet band. The watch only costs an amount of ¥460 819.

Omega Speedmaster Men’s Watch

This Speedmaster timepiece tackles uniqueness on a different level and, in part that is perfect for outside activities like other non-formal activities. It features three subdials on the top of its jet black dial responsible for counters. One of the subdials is colored with an eye-capturing appeal that does not seem to align with the watch’s overall design.

The black tachymeter bezel further enhances the watch’s main attractions together with the stainless steel case, which also protects the internal mechanisms against any threat of deadly force. Its baton index markers and sword hands add a simplicity layer to the watch.

Omega Seamaster Automatic Men’s Watch

Last but not least is this watch from the Omega Seamaster series topped with a deep black dive bezel to exhibit a bulging and manlier look for its overall designs. IT has arrow hands and index markers with some Arabic Numerals like 3, 6, 9, and 12. The deep black dial also adds a touch of mystery while maintaining the wearer’s masculine look.

Despite its appearance, this watch’s price is slightly on the lower side at ¥452 368. Even non-collectors will surely love to grab this black watch. Since it is from the Seamaster series, the wearer can also trust that it will have a much higher water resistance capacity than the other four on this list. 


Omega watches have long been existing and have persevered to continue serving their customers with various timepiece designs that will surely cater to the customers’ different tastes. These watches were perfect from formal to informal occasions and will surely complement your everyday outfits.