Four Useful Aspects of Hotel Digital Signage

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With the advent of digital signage, markets across the globe have adopted its use to gain a competitive advantage in their industries. Being a very competitive industry, hotels are often at the forefront of adopting new technologies to increase both guest experience and revenue.

It’s no surprise then that digital signage has been adopted by hotels around the world.

In the below article, I’ll go over four different areas that digital signage can improve in hotels and what advantages they can bring.

Self Check-In Kiosks

The check-in process can often be the most stressful. Guests will be carrying one or more bags and will have just traveled probably a long distance. Once they arrive at their hotel, they’ll want to check in and head to their room to drop off their luggage and recuperate.

With that, the last thing your guest will want to do is wait in line.

Self-check-in kiosks are useful for this as they hit the problem from two angles. First, it allows guests who prefer to go at their own pace to check-in without the pressure of face to face interactions. Secondly, it will free up the help desk staff to complete other tasks.

Enhance Your Lobby

Regardless of location, guests usually have questions about their new locale: Where is the best place to eat nearby? Where can we exchange money? Etc. 

The traditional solution for hotels is to provide a concierge service to direct guests. Unfortunately, this can take time and resources away from staff to perform other duties. With digital signage, however, it’s possible to assist guests with these common questions.

The first step is to place your display in a location that will grab your guest’s attention. After that, you can display popular attractions, events, restaurants, and more. This way, you’ll be able to engage your guests and answer their questions before they even ask.

Help Guests Find Their Way

In larger hotels, especially ones combined with convention centers, guest’s are very reliant on maps to find the way to their location. By incorporating digital signage in your lobby instead of traditional static signage, you can greatly assist your guests in finding their way.

After a long day of travel, many guest’s don’t want to struggle to find their room or amenities when arriving at their hotel. With static signage though, it’s hard to showcase the location of every location in the hotel in both an accessible and easy to read fashion.

With an interactive kiosk, you can display facilities such as elevators, the bar or restaurant, restrooms, the pool, gym, and more.

Reinforce Your Brand

The hotel lobby is an integral part of the guest experience. This is the location where you will have the biggest impression to new guests so making a good first impression is paramount.

With digital signage you can both reinforce your brand while both entertaining and educating your guests while they wait in the lobby.

By combining a great first impression with the increased brand awareness (a 47.7% effectiveness) digital signage provides, you can provide both a great experience for old and new guests and receive amazing positive feedback.