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Four Ways to Make Your Home Cozy This Winter

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As the nights get darker and the days colder, nothing feels better than getting cozy in your home after a long day. Imagine candles, fluffy blankets, soft slippers, and a good Netflix show.

If you want to transform your home into the perfect winter wonderland, follow our tips for creating the ultimate cozy home. 

1. The Right Look

The lighting in your home – or the room you’re designing – is vital to creating your cozy den. Gentle, soft bulbs and candles will help create this atmosphere. Fairy lights are also an excellent way to create soft lighting. The softer lighting will develop a sense of calm and warmth that will make the cold nights worth it. 

You can never have too many candles! Not only do they look nice and smell fantastic, but the gentle light they throw across a room brings a whole new dimension to coziness. And there’s no lack of choice – candles have become a big interior design staple, so there is something perfect for you no matter what your style is.

2. The Right Feel 

A Zen den wouldn’t be complete without a comforting blanket and soft cushions. Fabrics such as faux fur or velvet can add decadence and style while also being incredibly soothing. Choose something that you want to rub your 

There is evidence that color can have an impact on your mood, as well as the energy of a room. Cool colors such as blue and white can aid relaxation. In contrast, deeper shades such as red and purple have been shown to stimulate conversation among groups of people. Opt for warm, earth-toned colors for the ultimate hibernation feeling, as these will help create a sense of warmth and safety.

3. The Right Mindset 

Creating a cozy place to hide from the world can feel very special. But part of this is feeling like it is a safe haven to enjoy. In the run up to winter, get those home maintenance jobs done – knowing you can hear the rain and not worry about it breaking your gutters, will go along way towards that haven feeling. Having the right insurance can also go a long way to creating peace of mind in winter. Your home is exposed to harsher elements than at other times of the year, and you need to hear the wind howling and hail bouncing without worrying that you will not have the money to cover damages. Talk to specialists like kbdinsurance.com, if you want to make sure you are covered for weather phenomenon as well as burst pipes. 

4. The Right Smell

Using your sense of smell can significantly affect how your home will feel. You can buy a scented candle or a diffuser, but investing in scents that appeal to you can transform your space. You could try different scents as the year changes or even in different areas of your house. Try not to allow too many to mix, or at least consider how they smell when mixed. Too many can overwhelm you, so go for simplicity to de-stress and unwind. 

If candles aren’t for you, you can try making your own room spray. Add your desired essential oil into a spray bottle and use it around the room/space you want to relax in.

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