Update: Latest Garmin Edge 830 Model 2019

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Garmin Edge 830 – The topmost multinational company has introduced ANT+BTLE strap. However, we all know it’s not something new you have heard of but get ready for tri versions. Well the most awaited feature includes LTE and Garmin users are expecting Fenix 6 model with LTE next year in January. Garmin works wisely and test the features on few of the devices before conducting it a new feature of the gadget.

And, if we talk about the LTE feature integrating in watch, the current hardware takes much space from battery itself, so there is trade-off. Hope this trade-off goes away in coming year with the help of expert Garmin engineers. Let’s have an eye on finest and new models and their updates.


Hey! Are you bicycle rider and searching for Garmin cycling products or any other best gps devices? Then, let me tell you that Garmin has just released three exclusive products-

  • Garmin Edge 830- Newest Summer Collection 2019
  • Garmin Edge 530- Value for money
  • ANT+/Bluetooth Set- inclusive of sensor and smart speed

This very new Garmin Edge 830 unit will thrive with its balance for both the road bike realm and mountain bike territory which will make both crowds satisfactory. With its modern metrics meter, the mountain biker’s be alarmed of how far your jumps are and how skillfully you ride a downhill trail.


Garmin Fenix 5

  • ‘Dashing in design, smart in functions.’ The one line description for splendid Fenix 5 model.
  • Introduced in 2017 is still in queue for best GPS Tracking device and will continue for next coming years.
  • Comes with interchangeable band that easily helps user get to go from workout to workplace.  
  • Multiple models with variant sizes

Fenix 5 Recent Updates

[From 12.00 to 12.30 versions]

  • Fixed higher battery drainage issue which was reported in some devices.
  • Fixed the discontinuous issue of incorrect sensor error message.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

  • Arrived in June 2018
  • Comes with colored topo map for insight vision.
  • Rugged design with scratch-free lens
  • Watch has up to 500 songs space along with Bluetooth.
  • Battery performance: 18 days in smart watch mode and 11 hours in GPS mode.
  • It’s a total package of multi-sport watch trainer
  • Maps are preloaded for easy navigation

Fenix 5 plus Updates

[6.00 to 6.10]
  • Fixed extremely high values for Bike Power Meter
[2.80 to 2.92]
  • Improvised system ability during rep counting activities.
  • Fixed the issue of watch failed to update the time.
  • Solved the issue of personal record date deleted from history
  • Accurate floor climbed detail

Garmin Customer Service

All Garmin users should be aware that as soon as you buy Garmin product, you receiving helping hand that is available 24*7 for saving you from any hurdle. If you have any query tries to consult our expert technicians who will revert you spontaneously. Assure to provide the real details of your query for relevant answers.

You can also connect with them for taking an update of Garmin Edge 830 via Garmin Technical Support Number.