GHD Eclipse Hair Straightener: What You Need to Know

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You may have heard of the new ghd eclipse hair straightener equipped with the new tri-zone technology developed by the American brand GHD Great used to hair straighteners and other stylers. We had not yet tested this little gem of technology. Today, it’s done, and it is with pleasure that we deliver our opinion on the ghd eclipse straightener. 

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Very Good Ergonomics and a Pure Design

The ghd eclipse straightener is a pure ghd product with a resolutely refined style. The quality of the straightener and the seriousness of its finishes make it undeniably the straightener eclipses releases the feeling of a high-end product.

Regarding the aesthetics of the product, even if there is a break with the gold range, the GHD signature is obvious. We welcome the presence of ultra-fine high-precision plates welded to a finely polished plastic band. The assembly is really successful and this gives a very fluid appearance to the straightener.

The handling is excellent: the ghd eclipse straightener is quite light and holds firmly in your hand.

A New Technology

What is really innovative about this straightener is the patented tri-zone technology developed exclusively by professionals to equip the ghd eclipse styler.

This uses, in fact, 6 ultra-sensitive intelligent sensors (3 on each plate) to ensure a continuous and constant temperature of 185 ° C throughout the smoothing.   Very interesting since most straightening irons have only one sensor. The tri-zone technology also makes it possible to avoid any heat loss for maximum optimization.

The maximum iron temperature was determined by a GHD R&D department which now considers that 185 degrees are the ideal temperature for obtaining the best smoothing for any type of hair.

Of course, this new technology has a price that will hardly shock you if you already know the ghd brand. If this is not the case, the price of ghd straighteners is justified by its professional quality. We must, therefore, see this price as an investment.

Smoothing / looping test with the GHD Eclipse Straightener

For this test, we mainly wanted to give us an opinion on the tri-zone technology proposed by the ghd eclipse. Indeed, we wonder about the effect of temperature maintenance, announced as optimal during all smoothing, by GHD

Before any straightening iron test, we take great care to carefully brush the hair in order to remove the knots and to perfectly untangle them. 

Make way for the test which should indicate the performance of the ghd eclipse for smoothing but also for curling the hair.

Small advice, depending on the size, width and style of curls desired, you must take more or less thick locks: thicker for the waves and wide curls, finer for tight curls and English.

The ghd eclipse straightener effectively curls curly hair and performs a wavy movement in a wavy style, with rather wide curls. A few passages are enough for aesthetically interesting but not exceptional results with regard to the breathtaking results of the steamed straightener or ghd gold max, more suited to the texture of curly hair.

It should nevertheless be emphasized that our tester with difficult hair was particularly satisfied with the sliding of his hair on the plates and the dexterity of the product:

  • “I hold my wick by the tip and place my eclipse ghd straightener between the roots of my hair and my hand. I then wrap this wick around the bottom of my straightener (plate located at the bottom), then I close it gently while holding the wick with my hand. By making a movement from top to bottom, I smooth my wick by turning my straightener in my hands. I repeat this operation on each of the locks I want to loop and I repeat the same movement on each loop until the desired effect is obtained. “

We can honestly say that the ghd eclipse straightener is perfectly suited to these gymnastics! 

  • The ghd eclipse straightener, for what type of hair?
  • According to GHD, if you have sensitive or colored hair, the eclipse styler is for you.
  • In fact, this is not the only criterion to take into account.
  • If you have medium or fine hair, you will find this styler very quick to style and make your hair perfect.

On the other hand, if your hair is long and thick, although being a quality product, this straightening iron will not be the most suitable straightener for your hair and this because of the insufficient size of the plates.

User’s opinions about the GHD Eclipse straightener

The GHD Eclipse is certainly not the most recommended device for straightening long and thick hair but it remains a high quality device, appreciated by users.

  • Many highlight an exceptional styling power on damaged hair which is the subject of monthly colorings.
  • The new technology used to design the ghd eclipse styler is very popular with users. In fact, the tri-zone technology allows precise control of an optimal temperature and prevents any loss of heat during smoothing. The iron is less hot to the touch than the other straighteners in the ghd range. We actually found this point during our test, even after an hour of use (rare for smoothing, we grant you!). It therefore seems ideal for professional use or for a brushing evening with friends! Without excess heat, and in a single pass, the smoothing is spectacular. You quickly get an ultra natural brushing effect.
  • It is possible to vary the style of the curls obtained with the ghd eclipse straightener:   you can choose your look according to your hair and your desires.
  • It adapts to many even the most difficult hair textures, quickly and easily. The ghd eclipse straightener helps tame the most difficult hair textures, such as hair damaged by many colorings.

In conclusion, the comments that come up most often about the ghd eclipse straightener reveal great satisfaction on the part of young ladies with sensitive hair, short or medium-length.