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Glamorous Black Color in the Interior as a New Trend of 2020

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Now black colour is more relevant than ever and its popularity continues to grow every year. You can use it to design both full interiors or just as an accent. The black colour is also very pragmatic which allows use it in the bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Below are introduced seven stylish ways to decorate your interior with one of the most fashionable colours in 2020.

1. Black Accents

A few black “touches” and accents can sometimes become the thing that will decorate, unite, and make the whole interior sparkle with new colours. Do not be afraid to use black details. It can be a vase, a black photo frame, a picture on the wall, a table lamp or a candlestick. Small things can sometimes make wonders! Especially when it relates to black colour.

2. Black on the Kitchen

The black kitchen always makes an indelible impression but not everyone is ready to take extreme measures and put completely black furniture. Sometimes for desirable effect, one black kitchen table or only lower cupboards are enough. Complete them with handles, faucets, a sink, or household appliances in black and the effect will be amazing. If you are not so extreme, you can restrict yourself to a black hood, a refrigerator, or black dishes.

3. Black Walls

Black walls are the choice of real daredevils. This colour can look stylish and spectacular if everything is done correctly. You can complement such an interior with bright accents or balance the kitchen with facades of silver-grey, natural wood, and living plants. Juicy greens will look great against such a black background! If black walls are not enough for you, add a pair of black chairs to the dining table or paint window frames in black colour.

4. Black Furniture and Textiles

Black furniture always looks spectacular, attracts attention, and can become the main character of your interior. It can be a chair or sofa in black leather, a table, a chest of drawers or a sideboard. If you did not find the desired black furniture in the store, you can do it yourself by buying new covers for the sofa or repainting the dining chairs with your own hands. Black textiles (bedding, bedspread, blanket, or a new tablecloth on the dining table) will help to quickly transform your room and give it a stylish look.

5. Black Details in the Bathroom

Do you plan a bathroom renovation? Sometimes, to update the interior, a few black details are enough. You can make a black border on the wall and paint the door frames. Black combined with white give the room an elegant, sophisticated look, regardless of whether you use modern or classic furnishings.

6. Industrial-Style Glass Partitions

Another way to use black colour in the interior is glass wall partitions with black wrought iron frames which is a classic of modern interiors. They allow you to zone the space and at the same time transmit light and visually lighten the space. With the help of the glass partitions, you can separate the kitchen from the living room or isolate a sleeping area from the rest of the apartment.

7. Black Lamps

Black lamp both ceiling, floor, or wall is a stylish decoration of any interior. It can be used not for loft style. Modern manufacturers of designer light have offers for every taste from classic crystal chandeliers to ultra-minimalistic light objects. If you choose a black lamp, it preferable to be with white covering inside. Such a lamp will be brighter as white colour reflects light better than dark shades.