How is Bing’s SEO Different From Google’s SEO

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How is Bing’s SEO Different From Google’s SEO? Do companies have the tendency of focusing on only one or all search engines while they design their SEO strategy? Most companies overlook Bing because Google is the most popular search engine in the world.

Ignoring search engines like Bing means that you are ignoring a significant segment of potential customers.

Write for us Business must alter their SEO strategy for every search engine. In this article, I will point out the key differences between SEOs of Google and Bing.

Knowing the differences will allow you to develop a strategy that will help you with your website’s optimization.

How are they Different?

It is important to mention that I’m going to review the top two giants of the current web space. Therefore, the differences between their SEO strategies will be minor.

But the identification of these differences will help you launch an effective SEO campaign for either search engine.

You must also know that it is these minor differences that matter in the end. Both of these search engines have different algorithms. Their algorithms rank your website very differently.


Google is quite astute about the content present in the webpage and its context. Yes, it takes the context into consideration because it can understand the synonyms.

Bing, on the other hand, necessitates the use of exact keywords. Not just in the content but also in the Meta tags and page titles.

It means that the usage of exact keywords is very important in Bing.


Both Bing and Google are entrusting. They recognise the value of backlinks. They take them as signs of credibility. Having more backlinks means that the information on your website is trustworthy and worthy of sharing. Guest Blogging Service is one of the best practices to get your anchor ranking higher in the SERP.

The quality of backlinks is very important as far as Google is concerned. Bing, on the other hand, measures quality differently.

Bing, for example, gives emphasis on domain extensions and domain age. Google, on the contrary, favours organic growth over domain authority.

Bing still lags behind Google as far as the evaluation of backlinks is concerned.


Google “LOVES” text. Therefore, try to write quality and engaging text on your website if you want Google to favour it.

Bing unlike Google gauges websites on the basis of its multimedia content. Bing will put you slightly ahead of your competition if you will use more than just Html and text.

Building a Flash website would not be my suggestion to you. However, if you will beef up your pages with audio, video files and images then Bing might put you ahead of your competition.

Social Media

Social media campaigns are not important for Google. Social media is not likely to affect Google rankings much.

Google treats Twitter and Facebook pages like ordinary indexed pages. Even though having one will always be helpful for your business.

Social media signals play an important role in the ranking algorithms of Bing. Integration of social media in your SEO strategy will require you to invest time.

However, it will prove to be rewarding for your business. Bing ranking and social media portfolio goes hand-in-hand.

Content & Meta-Keywords

Quality and relevant content will boost up your ranking on Bing. Google is the same.

However, Google favours fresh content. Bing, on the other hand, favours old content. In other words, Bing favours content that is reputable and well linked.

The use of Meta Keywords is not necessitated by Google. On the contrary, the use of Meta keywords can have a great impact on Bing rankings.

Other Technical Difference

You can trust Google to index and crawl all pages of your website. Bing, on the other hand, focuses on the main pages.

An Effective way of Boosting Organic traffic on Bing

Enhance your shares on social media. It will improve your organic rankings. Tweets, likes and shares are very valuable for Bing.

You may include keywords on the basis of geographical locations. Furthermore, easy navigation, less loading time and great website design also help with Bing rankings.

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