Guide to Gifts for Dirt Bike Lovers & Motocross Riders

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Gifting a dirt biker can be trickier than you may imagine. While there is a wide variety of gift options you can gift to family and friends, dirt bikers are in a gifting niche of their own. So, what can you gift a dirt biker?

Well, before we jump into the many great gift ideas, let’s start with what type of dirt biker you’re gifting and what you’ll want to consider when choosing a dirt bike-themed gift

Things You’ll Want to Consider When Buying a Dirt Bike Gift

Buying a gift for a dirt biker doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Selecting a gift for any dirt bike lover begins with a few points to consider. Those points are as follows:

  • Durability
    Dirt bike gear is durable to a point until it breaks. This is where you’ll need to consider how long the gift you intend to give will last. Focus on the brand, the quality of the product, materials, construction of the product, and so on.
  • Type of riding environment
    Dirt bikes can be ridden in just about any type of terrain. Bearing this in mind, you’ll want to ensure your gift can stand up to the dust, dirt, mud, heat, cold, and other environments a dirt biker may face when on the track or trails. 
  • What the giftee needs
    Sometimes the flashiest of gifts isn’t always the gifts your dirt biker needs. Practical gifts are ideal for pros and novices alike. Practical gifts are usually tools, lessons, and durable high-quality gear. 
  • Age
    Motorcrossers come in all age groups, young and old. So it is best to select a gift that will fit your dirt bikers age group. After all, some dirt bike gifts are more for adults while others may be more beneficial to kids and teenagers.
  • Cost
    Let’s face it, good dirt bike gear and other fancy gifts can be pretty pricey. But not all dirt bike gifts require a large sum of money. You can always find cheap but very useful gifts in the form of books, magazines, videogames, and some types of dirt bike gear. 

With your dirt biking giftee in mind, let’s take a gander at all the gift options for dirt bike lovers and riders alike.

Top 11 Gifts That Any Dirt Biker is Sure to Enjoy

1. Dirt Bike Gear

Getting some good dirt bike gear is one of the best gifts a dirt biker can receive. And you can choose from a variety of gear ranging from boots and gloves to helmets, goggles, and more.
Helmets, some brands of neck protector, certain brands of boots, and chest protectors are costlier than gloves, goggles, knee pads, elbow pads, riding pants, and dirt bike jerseys.

And the best part of all, there is plenty of gear for all ages groups to choose from. All you need is your dirt bikers measurements and a general idea of their favorite brands. 

2. Gear Bag

Getting some new dirt bike gear is awesome but having something to put it all in can be even better. A gear bag is a wonderful gift for those who love to ride often or need a safe way to store their gear when off the trails. 

3. Action Camera

Dirt biking is a fun activity that allows for plenty of family bonding moments and more. Having a way to capture those moments in the form of a GoPro can brighten any biker’s day. And these handy cameras can help keep your biker safe in the case of accidents and injuries.

4. Dirt Bike Magazine Subscription and Books

If your dirt biker loves to read, then they’ll love having a 12-month subscription of their favorite Motorcross magazine. And if magazines aren’t their style, you can always gift them books, guides, and even dirt bike manuals. 

5. Trail Tools

Every biker needs trail tools. After all, nothing sucks more than being stranded on the trail and having no way to fix your bike. So, having a high-quality tool kit on hand can be a real lifesaver for many dirt bike enthusiasts. Trail tools come in kits and you’ll want to ensure they are from a reputable company since not all tools are good tools. 

6. Dirt Bike Lift Stand

While it may not seem like much, this gift is very useful for storing dirt bikes and holding the bike up for repairs. 

7. Chain Tools 

If you though simple exterior repairs were bad, dirt bikers know the real trail ride ender is a broken or damaged chain. Having the right chain tools on hand to fix a dirt bike chain can mean all the difference between exploring the trails further or going home. Your dirt bike lover will thank you for this gift.

8. Tickets to a Supercross Event or Freestyle Motorcross Event

Sometimes it isn’t always about the ride and more about watching as a spectator. So, it’s always a great idea to gift tickets to see their favorite Motorcross events or even favorite riders in action. 

9. Motorcross Training Lessons 

If you got a beginner dirt biker on your hands, then gifting Motorcross training lessons will be the best investment and gift a dirt biker could have.

10. Camel Pack

If you got a dirt biker who loves to traverse the many trails, then they’ll love having this handy gift with them. Camel bags allow bikers to store tools and other supplies so they can enjoy the trails without worrying about not having something on hand. 

11. Dirt Bike Video Games

If you worry about spending too much for a child’s phase, then gifting them a dirt bike-themed videogame may help determine how serious they are about the hobby.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re gifting them new gear or want to gift a more practical gift, your dirt biker will be happy to receive any of these decent dirt biker gifts. From trail tools and GoPros to even magazines and videogames, there is a gift for every dirt biker out there.

And with this all-in mind, we hope this guide to gifts for dirt bike lovers and riders helps you choose the perfect gift for the dirt biker in your life.