Handy Tips for Dressing Down Your Dresses

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One of the best things about the dress is its versatility. Pick a dress in your wardrobe or buy a new one, then partner it with heels and you are in for a wonderful night out. Many women think that when they wear a dress, they need to create an overall dressy outfit. But with all the available styles, colors, lengths, and prints or dresses out there, you can definitely wear one and look casual and not as dressy. 

You can transform dressy clothing into something attractive, comfortable, and flexible. You do not have to wait for a formal occasion to wear stylish and elegant clothes. Create looks that you can wear in the office, go shopping, at a coffee bonding, on a road trip, etc. The following are easy ways to dress down the dress you are planning to wear for the day:

Opt for Midi Dresses

A midi works great for any season and fits perfectly for any body shape. It is not as long as a maxi dress or short as a cocktail dress, making a midi suitable for a more casual event. Wear a wrap dress or A-line choices in comfortable fabrics such as polyester, linen, or cotton blends. The hem of your midi dress should hit below your knees but above your middle calf area. This will keep your look more casual.

Add a Belt to Your Attire

One fast way to dress down your dress is to belt it up. An excellent option is a fabric belt or a rope belt. You may also go for a leather belt with or without a buckle, but it is better to choose a thinner one. You may wear a bigger or thicker belt and buckle, but it will wander away from the goal, which is to go casual. 

Keep Accessories to a Minimum

When dressing down a dress, be careful of the accessories you add to your outfit. While tassel or chandelier earrings, statement necklaces, and bangles make great statement accessories for a wedding and other formal events, keep them subtle if you are going for a laid-back look. However, it does not mean wearing only one jewelry piece and you are done. 

You may layer your bracelets or necklaces, giving your attire some character. Also, when adding a watch and sunnies, keep it minimal and casual as well. For your bag, opt for something beautiful and casual like a chunky handbag, and avoid those glamorous clutch bags or purses.

The Shoes You Wear Matter

Dressing down a dress means wearing casual shoes to partner with your clothing. The top candidates are typically boat shoes, loafers, ballet pumps, and sneakers. Wearing flats with your dress will complete your casual look. However, a pair of heels can still make your attire look casual, for example, a blocked heel or a wedge. Stilettos and other high heels are not ideal for the casual look you are trying to create. 

It is possible to make dresses look informal and laid-back. You can go to a birthday party, BBQ gathering, brunch, or run an errand with an eye-catching, casual dress. Keep the ideas above in mind and do not be afraid to experiment with your dress. For example, wearing tights under your dress to shake things up and show your playful side. Remember, you can be cool and chill with your dress and still look amazing.