Height of Adventures in Guelph

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Height of Adventures in Guelph. Rise and shine everyone! Winters are closing in day by day and it’s hard to get up from the bed and go to your workspace. But what if you get a chance to wake up one day and instead of going to work you have a free slot for the day?

Doesn’t everyone want it? Day tripping is more than just fun for everyone. Outdoor activities may sound chilly to your ears, especially if you are living and breathing in Canada, but there are other places as well, where you can have blasting series of adventures.

Guelph will make your head go round, round and round!

Why not choose your own list of adventure?

Guelph is the euphoria of city tours, great food and green landscapes. Getting to experience all of this is possible as you can easily ride on Guelph airport limo and let the doors of adventure open for you. There are several activities you can participate in. Just get up, get ready and hang on so you can buckle up for your next big adrenaline rush;

Extreme Experience of Air U

Take a leap of faith and jump as high as you can on the indoor trampoline!

Is that your heart beating excitedly that we hear? It is an all in one place for a family to jump together, with the safety equipment of course.  Also add a listed tournament like dodge the ball, birthday parties and an after-prom party? You name it, you can have it.

Jumping does not require thorough planning now does it? It might as well as be the most legal place you can turn upside down without your mom shouting at you. It’s an adventurous place for an entire family. You can pack your family in a stretch limo and make your way to the happiest occasion of your life (besides sleeping of course).

Make your bets on Grand River Raceway

Did you ever read Great Expectations? Or watched biblically inspired movies?  Well, this race is bound to bring back certain memories, and get your pocketbook ready for some serious betting!

Grand River Raceway is actually about taking your racehorse, racing at full horsepower on the racecourse. If you are into horses, race horsing is one of the adventures you will come to fall in love with. You are not a racer, so you get to have a seat beside the professional racer, and well make sure to hold on tight, there are no seat belts to hand on to! Inspired y a chariot race, it will give you goosebumps once it begins. 

Did you just say Stand-up Paddle?

Pack up a good day’s picnic with your entire broadway (family) jump in, on the comfortable airport limo Guelph and make your way to the waves, waiting for you to make your move to the next level.

The Guelph Lake is a spree time, a must-have for every season. Why not explore the main watercourses and a day full of brimming water sports? Paddling is a full cardio activity if one might think of it, but in a really fun way to engage yourself into. If you are not a pro, just relax, paddling experience is for everyone. There’s always the first time and if you are not afraid to get then the game is on!

You can even get lessons and trainer’s guide and learn how to control your body movements to be able to paddle horizontally with the river bend. It is a fun screaming way to get wet!

Fun mazing Playcentre

As the name suggests, it is a fun center, but you can die from he glee to leave your kids in the Guelph’s largest indoor Playcentre for kids.

Just imagine all kids in one place, it looks a daymare (opposite of nightmare) but let’s say kids are having fun, so you can grab a quick bite or coffee. This adventure is solely for kids (sorry dads) but it is as sunny inside the Playcentre as it is outside.

With no rush for the day, you can pack your kid’s belongings put it inside the trunk of Guelph airport limo and pick up a bunch of neighbour kids as well and be on your merry way. Trampolines, video games, just name it and the kids will get the spend their time playing.

Fun time never ends

Catch your adventures, the way you chase your dreams. Let’s not winter spoil the mood anymore, after all, Guelph is as exciting as mocha!