How Kratom Is Harvested with Specialized Process

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How Kratom Is Harvested – Kratom is harvested from the leaves of a tree found in regions of Southeast Asia. It is a naturally occurring plant, but the process from plants to products is time-consuming and needs hard work. There are many techniques involved in the processing of kratom products. 

The product can be of great quality only if produced with great consideration and care. We can then get a botanical substance with remarkable qualities.


The tree from where we obtain Kratom is called Mitragyna speciose. The tress stands tall in rainforests of South Asia. It reaches the height of almost 80 feet or more. Though the tree stands tall despite its stature, people are fascinated by its large green glossy leaves. It has been the center of attention for hundreds of years for the natives.

These large leaves can grow up to a year, whereas mature leaves are shed, and new ones will grow soon. These mature fallen leaves are of great importance as they are set aside to be used for greater benefits for centuries.   

Natively the tree is grown in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, but formers grow their kratom trees in areas where there is a rich source of sunlight and soil. 


The property of large glossy green leaves can be of great importance. They can vary in size, color, and potency. The variability of leaf characteristics has led to the production of diverse types in the marketplace of Kratom. These variants are usually called strains. They are classified in three colors

  • Red
  • Green
  • White

Some believe that the color of leaves is not pre-determined. Instead, it is determined by the number of factors like the amount of sunlight, genetics, and maturity in the process of growing.

The vein of the leaf provides another variability factor. Sources report that it’s a cycle of changing color over time. From red to green, to yellow and then brown.

Once the leaves reach their maturation, the Kratom firmest collects them. In the time of harvesting, there is another important composition called alkaloid, which directly affects the concentration of alkaloid and Kratom leaves alkaloid during harvest. Alkaloids are responsible for the intrigued properties of the plant.


The process consist of three main steps:

  • Refinement
  • Drying
  • Grinding


This is the first step of the process where the leaves are collected by the farmers. To remove dust dirt and debris from the leaves, most of the farmers clean them under the running water. This is a difficult test and needs a lot of care and concentration because once the leaves are converted into a powder form, it will be difficult to identify any contamination. This could only be possible under lab testing.


Leaves are hanged on the large racks by the farmers. This process is either carried out inside or outside in the sun. The difference is more visible in this phase as the leaves dry out. Here alkaloids give the makeup to the Kratom leaves, which is dependent on the amount of time spent in the sunlight to dry out. 


After the drying process, the farmers now grind the leaves in large industrial grinders. Fine Kratom powder is produced, keeping in mind the quality demanded by the customers. 


Karum can be consumed in different forms depending on the ease of a person. Some consume it in the form of capsules while others in the form of powder. Some people chew the leaves directly while some use it in the tea as leaves or in the form of powder. While in the modern world, people prefer to buy it online, and it is available in the form of capsules.  Kratom capsules are of great importance as it has given great varieties of Kratom strain like Gold Bali Kratom that are availed in capsules. 

Strains by color and region

Kratom has different types that are called strains. The strains hold the responsible for characterizing the kratoms in different categories like from where it was formed originated or cultivated from. There also includes an important part of the color of the leaf vein, which is again differentiated by the strains. There are three classifications red, white and green. How Kratom Is Harvested – The red ones are essential as they are used to produce gold Bali Kratom for more information click Gold Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom is a type which is recommended for the first time user as it a lot of benefits. The name originates from the Indonesian island of Bali. Today due to its excessive demand, it can be found growing in Malaysia and Thailand. Many types of Bali Kratom can be found here Bali Gold kratom  

Pros and cons 

We already know that Kratom is one of the purest and natural herbs. As it is extracted from all the natural means the end product is all pure and natural. Usually unnatural things get to have both pros and cons but even the excess of natural things can get you in trouble. The same is the case with having Kratom in your daily life; no doubt it has many benefits; that’s why it has been famous worldwide. How Kratom Is Harvested – The pros and cons mostly depend on the intake of the product. The sufficient amount you will take the more benefits you will get. But to get it as an addiction can be disturbing. Let’s discuss the benefits first

Traditional benefit

Native people have been using it for hundreds of years as pain relief. Farmers and workers used it as a tea to fight fatigue pain that helped them in their daily labor work. 

Modern-day benefits

Doctors’ advice of using it for a longer period of pain relief for the patients that are old. Mental health problems are also solved using Kratom capsules. It helps people fighting with anxiety and keeps their mental health better. 

Boost energy level

People get tired of their daily routine, and they feel exhausted. Kratom stimulates energy and boosts it to performs its work easily without getting tired.