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How to Achieve Greater Reach on Instagram Posts

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Many companies that want to reach this target must design a content strategy on Instagram capable of awakening their interest.

In the last year, this social network has incorporated new functionalities that allow to improve the experience of the followers, achieve a greater interaction, and therefore a greater reach.

But getting good results on Instagram is not easy. It is perhaps the most complex network. Constant work, attention to detail and patience are essential ingredients for success.

However, the great handicap remains how to get posts to reach a good reach. That is, that a greater number of users see the publications. Recent algorithm changes have made posts less likely for our users to see.


Generating Interactions in the Shortest Possible Time: The Key to Achieving Greater Reach

After publishing a post on Instagram, the first minutes are key. This is when we must let Instagram know that our publication is relevant. And for this we must achieve the largest possible number of interactions in a short time.

Next, I will introduce some actions that help us increase the number of interactions on Instagram in the first hour of publication.

Get some free Instagram followers. A large number of Instagram followers will help your posts be seen by more people. Here GetInsta sends you a 1000 free Instagram followers trial to help you boost your IG followers better. When you have many followers, it’s more likely to follow you for others.


The posting schedule.

To find out when is the best time to post, analyze your account statistics. If you are with a business account, you can see data. 

The description of the post. It is as important as the image. It must be valuable content that interests readers. With this we manage to increase the display time of the post. This will be understood by Instagram as being of interest, and therefore, it will reward us. For recipe or fitness accounts, that’s easy to do. It will be enough to explain the recipe or the exercise step by step in the description, even if it is also explained with the images or video.

CTA (Call to Action).

Encouraging users to interact through the call to action is essential. For example, asking a question and having users respond or requesting that they mention a friend are examples to achieve this. Don’t hesitate, get the followers involved!

Announce in the stories that you have published a new post.

It is a formula to generate traffic to the feed, and this Instagram likes. Our recommendation is to publish a story with the post image but hiding it with a «New post» gif.

Use the functionalities of the stories.

There are more and more tools that stories offer us to generate interactions: surveys, questions, questionnaires … The more your followers interact with your stories, the more possibilities they will have to later see your publications.

Get creative stories.

The more interactions you add, the better. Before everything was published in the feed. Now, with the appearance of the stories, the quality of the posts is more cared for and the most ephemeral content is published as a story. It is important to frequently publish stories, but not one after another. A good strategy is to create a story through Stories to keep the interest of the followers.


Generate traffic from other networks or sources. If you have a large community on Facebook or Twitter and you want to boost your Instagram account, a good strategy is to publish a post that redirects to the Instagram publication. You can also choose to attract traffic from your website or e-mailing.

Encourage conversation in the comments.

Respond in all cases, as quickly as possible to the comments and try not to end the conversation with your comment. This will increase the number of interactions and permanence.

Encourage private messages.

That a publication generates private messages is synonymous with that it is arousing interest. A good strategy for them is, in the description, to indicate that if they want to know more about a product, service or an exclusive benefit, they only have to request it by private message.

Use hashtags but not always the same.

recommend that you write the hashtags by hand (do not copy and paste them), use different ones each time, integrate them into the description, that they really “tag” your content and do not publish more than 8. Using too many or too generic hashtags can minimize the reach of your posts. Do the test.

Instagram has quickly taken prominence in the virtual realm and is currently booming with brand activity with no signs of slowing down.
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Post only quality content and often.

It is key to publish only when that publication is really going to contribute something to our followers. It is best to create a content agenda, previously defining the objectives of each publication.

If you put all these points into practice, you will see how your publications get more interactions, and as a consequence, more reach. With this, you will be able to boost your Instagram account and increase the number of followers.