How to approach the issue of RMT in WoW of Warcraft

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RMT has always been both a challenge and a help to a game project. A problem for developers, since the purchase of goods or services for real money always goes unnoticed for the company and does not generate income, therefore, there is always an active struggle with RMT depending on resources.

Help on the contrary for players, not everyone has the opportunity to assemble a top group in a raid, or time for pumping, or the desire to farm for several months for the best equipment. Then the exchange of real money for gaming money, or the purchase of equipment, pumping helps.

What is important to consider when buying for RMT

If you decide to buy game gold for real money from another player – keep in mind that the administration still monitors such transactions and buying not from stores with guarantees – you risk money and possibly even your character:

  1. Gold must be obtained in an honest way. It should not be stolen from another player when an account was hacked, should not be earned by farming with the help of third-party programs. Such gold can be withdrawn when a character-farmer is banned.
  1.  There must be guarantees that are unlikely to be given by another player. Guarantees of compensation for damage in case of disruption of the transaction by the intervention of the administration.

For the security of the transaction, it is better to buy WoW gold from trusted stores.

Shops often either buy gold from other players, but endure a period of possible administration sanctions before paying. Which guarantees the transfer of only pure gold. Or they contain their own personal staff of farmers who are busy mining gold 24/7 with their labor, without the help of additional programs.

Trusted stores always give guarantees for their services.

If this is a raid, then it will be started at the time agreed with the manager and will be completed under any circumstances.

If it is gold, then it will be paid in full, in a manner with minimal risk to the client.

Passage of raids and dungeons for RMT

Raids and dungeons are always safer for real money purchases.

If you buy gold, then there is a chance that it will be seen in some transactions, hacks or administrative sanctions. Raids are a different story.

Through the eyes of the game, you look like a player in a group, and no one knows by what principle it was formed. To get sanctions from the administration, you need someone to directly convey the complaint to them. Boosters won’t do that, and you probably won’t either.

Similarly, with dungeons – go with proven boosters and everything will be fine.

Buying weapons and armor

Such goods also require caution from the buyer’s player.

The scheme is similar to buying gold, which is important to consider:

  1.  The purchase must be from a verified player known on the server. Or at the game store.
  1.  The product should not participate in the sanctions. For example, if a weapon appeared on sale, which was put up by hacking a game account, then the probability that it will be taken away after purchase is 100%. The administration always reacts harshly to acts of account hacking, and sanctions always overtake both the hacker and possibly the buyer if they track the purchase logs.

Do not risk buying game items from other players, buying in game stores will save you a headache for possible sanctions from the administration. Stores always check the goods when buying, and keep the goods before selling.

Buying a boost

The most harmless type of RMT. It is almost never punishable by sanctions, because it is difficult to understand whether you are being pumped by a booster, or a good friend.

It should be borne in mind that pumping for money costs either from a trusted player with good reviews for his services, or from game stores that will immediately calculate how much they can pump in the allotted time.


Any RMT activity greatly simplifies the life of players who are ready to spend money to get a gaming benefit. The RMT itself does not harm the distribution of forces on the game server, since it only helps players not to waste time on simple pumping or farming. Even the purchase of top weapons will not change the situation if the player does not know how to use them and does not know his class well.

You need to buy any services from game stores in order to avoid sanctions from the administration. Stores check the goods before resale and have high-quality boosters on staff.

Buy gold and services from other players at your own peril and risk, understanding that only his personal reputation speaks for a player.