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How To Continuously Grow Your TikTok Profile

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Many people around the globe are coming to terms that TikTok is here to stay, although countries may be imposing bans on TikTok it still seems to be ramping up its downloads and active users every day. It’s that big that a lot of videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles are becoming filled with videos created on TikTok. So many people are becoming members including a lot of families who love creating fun and enjoyable videos for others to watch.

It has now got to the stage where users are competing to be the most popular and hoping to become an online influencer, just like many celebrities there are a lot of users that are building a strong following base. In this article, we will be suggesting a few things you should do as a TickToker to ensure the highest level of engagement and continuous active followers.

Be yourself, but be creative 

When uploading videos, always act yourself, try your best not to fake your personality, be the person you are at heart and let it come out! Always smile and be happy, nobody likes miserable people, unless it’s an act, right?  We suggest once you are happy with the personality and how you come across to your users then its time to start making some creative content. But always remember first impressions are ever so important! Always create videos as if you are presenting to new followers as this is what will get people’s attention. 

Find a niche that suits you and focus on it

When creating content on TikTok it’s important to try to find a niche that best suits you and then stick to it throughout your time on TikTok. For example, if you love your pets and have a dog then you could create videos of you and your dog taking part in activities, going for walks, and anything funny in between. This will bring dog-lovers and many other animal lovers to follow your profile hoping for more content that they can relate to and value, and best of all share with their family and friends.

Consider Purchasing Premium Followers

There are many companies and services that offer you “Instant fame” however this is almost virtually impossible. There are many factors to consider when you buy TikTok followers and likes, one of the main one is ensuring that they are REAL followers. So before purchasing TikTok followers always check with the company whether the followers will be real and request a few examples of the profiles that will be following you. We suggest you purchase a very small package of REAL followers that will engage with your content and test to see their performance of them before ordering larger quantities. 

Be Consistent and Respectful 

In life consistency is key in a lot of activities and jobs we take part in; we all know that anything hard in life takes a lot of work and time and that most definitely applies to TikTok. We recommend you create a posting schedule and stick to it as your life depends on it! Always ensure you create fresh content for your followers, so they regularly check back in share and in return provide you with a larger following. Once you have your schedule in place ensure that the posts you doing are respectful for all parties around the world. The last thing you want to do is offend someone and cause issues for yourself, so always think through what your posting and ensure it will not offend or damage anyone else’s reputation


Above is just a few of the key factors to bear in mind when trying to build your follower count on TikTok. We suggest you stick by them and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the comments, if we think they are viable we will add them to our list. Please share our guide so we can help others climb the ladder of success, remember sharing is caring! We wish you the very best and hope you a successful ride on TikTok, remember consistency is key.