How to Deal with Sleep Apnea

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Sleep Disorders

Most people are unaware that they have sleep apnea because they keep referring to it as snoring. Usually, snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea that manifests when you stop breathing while sleeping and gasp for air. Therefore, if you have apnea or have been snoring while sleeping, there are various ways of ensuring you receive enough oxygen, thus preventing gasping and snoring. Suppose you have Pomona sleep apnea and seek ways to improve your sleep quality. It would be best if you start by understanding how various treatment strategies for sleep apnea work. Discussed below are effective ways of dealing with it.

1.     Therapies

·       Positive airway pressure

It is a treatment of choice, especially if you have obstructive sleep apnea. It involves using a machine to deliver air pressure through a piece placed over your nose and mouth or into your nose while sleeping. Usually, positive airway pressure effectively reduces the number of respiratory events taking place while you are asleep. As a result, you are improving your quality of life by reducing daytime sleepiness. The most common type of positive airway pressure is continuous positive airway pressure.

·       A mouthpiece or oral device

Even though positive airway pressure is effective, oral devices can be used as alternatives if you have moderate or mild obstructive apnea. It is also recommended for people with severe sleep apnea who cannot use continuous positive airway pressure. Oral devices keep your throat open by bringing your lower jaw forward. Doing so helps relieve snoring associated with sleep apnea. Other oral appliances hold your tongue in a different position to allow the free flow of air.

2.     Home remedies

·       Maintain a healthy weight

Most healthcare providers recommend people diagnosed with apnea lose weight. Usually, upper body obesity can increase the risk of narrow nasal passages and airway obstruction. The obstructions stop breathing for a long time or suddenly while you sleep. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is key in ensuring your airway remains clear and reduces apnea symptoms. Weight reduction in obese people can eliminate the need for long-term continuous airway pressure or upper airway surgery.

·       Change sleep position.

Most cases of obstructive sleep apnea are dependent on your sleeping position. Therefore, altering your sleeping position is vital in reducing sleep apnea. Avoid sleeping on your back, commonly referred to as a supine position, because it worsens your symptoms. Sleeping on the side can help return your breathing to normal.

·       Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

Some lifestyle changes, such as quitting alcohol and smoking, can improve your overall health and encourage better sleeping habits. Limiting alcohol consumption and quitting smoking helps reduce sleep apnea complications. Of importance to understand is that alcohol often relaxes your throat muscles, whose role is to control breathing leading to an interrupted sleep cycle and snoring. It can also inflame your airways, thus blocking the flow of air.

Other than home remedies and therapies, surgery can also treat sleep apnea when the above methods are no longer effective. Therefore, you can start by booking your appointment at Sethi Dental today, especially if you have obstructive apnea and are seeking effective ways of dealing with it.

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