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How to Decorate Your Small Family Garden

4 Mins read

Decorate Your Small Family Garden. Backyards and gardens are perfect locations for hanging out with your family. Some families organise parties and get-togethers, especially during the summer season. Some might even invite friends over for a backyard party. For some, it’s a place to relax and take a break. It’s a little place to hide away from the hustle and bustle. However, not everyone has a spacious yard. In cities, overcrowding is common. Houses are smaller, and so are their lawns. Fortunately, there are ways to make your garden beautiful. Here are some of the ways to decorate your small family garden.

Select a Theme

We all want our garden to look amazing. You might put a lot of different decorations and ornaments. But having so many designs within a very little space can be a bad look for your yard. It may end up looking chaotic, instead of being neat and orderly. So next time you’re designing your small garden, make sure that it doesn’t look overcrowded or messy. 

Alternatively, you can select a theme for your backyard. Not only does it help in knowing what to put on your garden, but it also makes it look neater and cleaner. For instance, you can go with a minimal look, with only a few plants and ornaments. Minimal themes go well with rustic and calm shades of colour, like brown, black, cream, and white. You can also have a rainbow theme garden, with colourful designs and paint colours. You can go for whatever design or them you like.

Aside from furniture and ornaments, you can also paint the walls and the fence to match with the theme of your garden. Some decided to paint basic colours and shades. Others paint murals on their yard and their fences. It can be a fun family activity for the whole family. 

Set Up Tables and Chairs

A family backyard is not complete without some tables and chairs. It’s where you and your friends and family eat together and hangout. If you have a small space, make sure to get smaller pieces of furniture. Cover the tables with colourful cloths or whatever goes with the theme of your yard. 

Aside from a small dining table, you could also set up a lounge area where you can sit back and relax. Look for a small couch and cover with decorative pillows and sheets. You can even reuse your old sofa and refurbish it. When making a relaxing area, make sure to give it some shade. It’s best to set-up this area near a tree. Otherwise, you can use a handful of colourful clothes and some clothesline to make your cover. 

For the dining and lounging areas, you may also want to customise your floor. If you don’t want to step at dirt or grass all the time, you can set up a deck for your patio. There are many materials and options to choose from. If you love the feeling of wood, you can use some decking board to build a floor. You can also use composite decking materials as an alternative to pure wooden decking boards. You can also use different coloured carpets with varying patterns. Stone blocks and stone paths are also good options. 

Save Some Space

Every tiny bit of space counts, especially if you don’t have a large backyard. Fortunately, there are some ways you can decorate your garden with plants and furniture without overcrowding your yard.

For your plants, you can make use of vertical planting. Instead of placing rows and rows of pots, you can try making a vertical garden. You can place and cascade your plants on ladders. You can also build plant pot holders on the walls. Alternatively, you can construct shelves for you to set your flowers pots and ornaments. 

As for furniture, there’s also a helpful way to save space. Aside from choosing smaller pieces of chairs and tables, why not use foldable ones? They’re lightweight, easy to set, and easy to maintain. You can store them whenever they’re not in use. 

Light it Up

Your garden should look beautiful, not only during the day but at night as well. You might need to relax in your garden after sundown. Or maybe you’ll be hosting a small sleepover. Perhaps you will have a nice drink with some friends in the backyard. Having good lights at your garden will make those experiences better. In the UK there are many outlets or store that sell lightenings of all sorts. Ikea, Homebase, Argos UK are among some of these stores.

For lighting, you have many options. You can use different lanterns if you have someplace to hang them. You can also make use of string lights, or fairy lights. Aside from lighting up the place, you can also smartly use these lights to highlight some places in your backyard. You can wrap them around a tree, or you can securely place them on the side of walking paths. You can also make shapes out of string lights, which you can hang on your walls and fences.

Build a Treehouse

If you have a tree in your backyard, you can use it to make a treehouse. Nothing says fun for your kids more than a treehouse. You can use some decking boards to use for the floors, walls, and roof. You can also make use of wooden boards to make some stairs. You can paint the treehouse according to your preference. Make sure the treehouse is child-friendly. Not only can it save the garden floor space, but it can also serve as storage when not in use.

If you have some experience in carpentry, you can make it a personal or family DIY project. Otherwise, you can hire a professional carpenter to make one for you. 

Make A Shed to Store Your Things

If you don’t have a tree or a child, you can make a shed instead. You can use different materials for your shed. It doesn’t need to be big. As long as it matches the garden and doesn’t take up more space than necessary. Keep and organise all the unneeded items on your shed. You can store here all your garden supplies, tools, and foldable chairs and table. 

With a shed, you can keep your garden beautiful and clear of clutter. This also helps especially when you have different themes for your garden.