How To Dress Well: 9 Must-Follow Fashion Rules For Men

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If you have clicked on this blog, then I understand that you have finally decided to embark on the style journey, and shrug you bland look. Well, like other things in your life, we won’t leave you with disappointment.

We have got some fantastic advice to help you develop a fashion sense that will make heads turn! When we talk about “rules” of men’s fashion, it may confuse the lazy lads who never thought that rules, style, and men could ever go hand in hand.

Mostly, thinking deeply about how they look and being sensitive about it is not present in the DNA of an average male. But why not?

No one is saying that the fashion rules we are going to tell you are the only way to stay voguish, but keeping them in mind will help you carry even plain outfits in style.

Not only this, but your taste in the dressing will also improve, and you will become a role model for guys looking for some inspiration.

Celebrated English designer Hardy Amies once said,

“A man should look like as if he has bought his clothes with perception, worn them with care, and then forgot about them totally.” 

So, if you don’t want to grab all the attention only for the wrong reasons, keep on reading for some style rules which you must follow to look dapper and sophisticated.

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1- Wear Custom-Fit Clothing

A well-fitted outfit is fundamental for a stylish look. Wearing anything that is either too tight or too baggy kills the aesthetic of even the most expensive clothing.

You must know your measurements well before buying clothing items like shirts, trousers, or jeans. If something that you love is not available in your size, take it to the tailor for alteration.

Especially when it comes to a suit, get a bespoke one that fits you perfectly. There is nothing more unappealing and sloppy than a baggy suit whose trouser is too long, and the jacket is oversized.

2- Dress For The Occasion

Are you trying to impress a date? Or, you could be meeting a business partner for the first time? Every occasion calls for a different kind of mood and attire.

If you are attending a formal dinner, wearing a graphic tee over jeans will make you look unprofessional. On the other hand, wearing a suit jacket for a picnic would mean you have lost your style sense.

Dressing, according to the occasions, is a great way to gel with the crowd. If you are not clear about what to wear, then choose a plain t-shirt with jeans. It is a safe style option for all kinds of gatherings.

3- Try Before You Buy

We would suggest you never buy any clothing item which you are not allowed to try beforehand. For instance, while buying jeans, try them once and look into the mirror, whether it looks good on you. 

Trust the judgment of your eyes and then go for it. The trial will also tell you if the fabric is of supreme quality and if there is any need for further alteration.

4- Invest In a Versatile Outerwear

Classy outerwear would oomph up any outfit in an instant. Moreover, the outerwear shields us from the harsh weather and help complete our overall look.

However, you don’t have to make a big hole in your pocket and buy several types of branded outerwear. Having a few versatile options like a navy blue blazer, a motorcycle jacket, or a classic leather jacket in your wardrobe is enough to give your outfits a dazzling look.

For example, if we talk about a leather jacket, men can style it with a white t-shirt and jeans for a casual look. Moreover, you can also pair a leather jacket with a trouser and shirt to have a formal look.

5- Take Care Of Your Clothes

We are continually giving you suggestions to buy quality clothes. It automatically means that you will need to put some effort into taking care of your clothes to give them a longer life. 

Look for any buttons that may have come off. Also, wash your clothes as suggested by the manufacturer and keep them organized in your wardrobe (folded off course). Please do not use harsh cleaning chemicals while washing your clothes as they lose their quality very quickly.

6-  Groom Yourself Regularly

You can buy designer, bespoke clothing, and spend money on so many expensive accessories. But, if you are not appropriately groomed, all your money will go down the drain.

Habitual grooming should be a part of your routine, and you must consider it an integral factor of your fashion sense. Get a nice hairstyle, maintain your beard, cut your nails regularly, and clean your ears properly for a highly appealing look.  

7- Get Some Amazing Shoes For Yourself

Shoes come in different styles like dress shoes, boots, loafers, and sandals. Invest in some excellent quality shoes and choose the color and style wisely to ensure that they match your outfit.

Tennis shoes look good only during outdoor activities, and dress shoes are for suits and formal dressing. For a fun day at the beach, opt for flip flops or sandals to elevate those fun summer vibes.  

8- Wear a Belt

When worn the right way, a belt helps keep your trousers where they are supposed to be and keeps the shirt nicely tucked in. Loose pants will make you look like a careless guy that is oblivious to basic fashion etiquettes. 

One more advantage of wearing a belt is that it doubles as an accessory, which gives a polished, put-together look and adds visual interest.   

9- Be a Minimalist When Accessorising  

Overdoing any accessories can be terrible for men who wish to look stylish. Be it cufflinks, sunglasses, wrist bands, or watch, the rule of the thumb is to never go overboard with accessories.

It’s A Wrap

Develop a fashion sense which will help you stand out among the crowd. The key to a refined style is not to get influenced by the latest fashion, but to execute panache wisely.

The horizon of men’s fashion is evolving fast. The fashion rules mentioned above will help you form a style of your own that may inspire other people.