How to Get a Struggling Reader to Read Books?

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Numerous children struggle to keep up their interest in reading. The main things that can contribute to a reader’s interest in making them read low vocabulary books. Often, a reader’s struggle is beyond vocabulary as they lose their interest in reading faster. We have a few tips that can help you make yourself, or any struggling reader read a book. 

High/ Low Books 

Students, especially children, find it extremely hard to maintain their interest in a book. It is quite dull to look at a book with only words and no pictures to build interest. When we were children, we were given books with lots of pictures to maintain our interest. Similarly, adults also do need Best Books for Starting a Business with illustrations and common vocabulary to keep the interest.

Teachers, especially kindergarten teachers, always struggle to keep children interested. Struggling readers still have an issue of performing well in their academics. Hence, it is necessary to design books and curriculum in a way that engages struggling readers. Some books come across bland and uninteresting due to the lack of readability. However, elements such as illustrations, simple language, and exciting material motivate people to read. 

Books with interesting content 

A reader does not have a very excellent attention span; hence, they lose their interest in books quickly. A book with a realistic touch does enhance the interest of a reader. However, some factors must be present in a book. A fictional book must have real characters and a great storyline—books such as the heights series are excellent books with all the necessary elements to keep a user engaged. The simple sentence structure, a short introduction to the book, and exciting plot undoubtedly spark the reader’s interest. 

Read recommended books 

As a struggling reader, it is not comfortable to sit idle with a book and enjoy. Teachers play a crucial role in making students read books apart from the regular high-low books. Instructional books are also necessary for effective learning and in-depth understanding. Illustrators and graphic designers work correctly to keep a struggling reader’s attention intact. 

A struggling reader may never explore different genres of books and stick to their usual preferences. A boy loves to read non-fiction or history books for motivation. However, girls love fictional books that make them venture out into an imaginary world. Yet, you can also read books that your friends recommend to explore and have an out-of-the-box experience.