How To Get Organised At Work

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How To Get Organised At Work. We all know the struggle of trying to get everything done, all at once, in the space of eight hours – ask for that with the added pressure of it actually being high-quality output and you find yourself in a bit of a conundrum. Getting organized professionally is the first step to actually succeeding in the tasks that you set out to do. You could be great at your job, but if your methods are messy then the work is going to be, too. Follow these tips to get organized at work today…

Know your limits

Firstly, instead of focusing on what you are capable of, take a look at what you actually can’t get done in your working day. Understanding that there is a finite number of hours in the day is your first step to structuring your life a little better. Setting realistic goals and limits will make you feel far more accomplished when you hit your targets, instead of beating yourself up about not being able to manage an inordinate amount of productivity and creating a mess in the process.

Structure your day

Next, it’s time to bring some structure into your days. This can be hard when you’re not usually doing the same working day twice, but you can create a loose schedule for you to stick to within an 8-hour period. This means delegating time for admin, coffee breaks, lunch, and meetings. Try to do this at the beginning of the week, you’ll find that everything starts running a lot smoother after you pick up this habit. All it takes is a little effort!

Use a calendar

Desk calendars work wonders for everyone who works from an office! This is going to sit open in your workspace and let you know exactly what needs to get done in your day, week and month. Having your tasks mapped out in front of you will make them incredibly manageable and digestible. You’ll be able to see when you have scheduled meetings and important deadlines, minimizing the risk of missing or glossing over anything. It’s also incredibly useful to have your schedule separate from the noise of your emails and management system.

Don’t just rely on technology

Arming yourself with some good old-fashioned stationery can do more for your organization than you might think. As touched on above, removing your schedule, meeting minutes and notes from your technology can really transform the way you work. For one, tearing your eyes away from a screen for a couple of seconds is very good for you. You’ll also find that tasks seem more manageable and your day is less daunting when you step back and absorb what you want to get done.

Communicate your schedule

It can be very useful to communicate what your day entails to your team, co-workers or even just yourself in diary form. This sets up goals and expectations for the day and enables you to properly digest what it is that you need to achieve within the working hours. This is especially useful if you manage a team as everyone can get a good idea of what they need to strive towards.

Set boundaries

Finally, always remember that you’re very much allowed to set up some proper boundaries for yourself. Of course, you always want to do your best and you want to deliver every day, however, that should not come at the expense of your health, happiness or wellbeing. Set up boundaries such as not taking calls during lunch, switching off from emails when you get home and having a strict leave time except for pressing tasks or emergencies.