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How to Guarantee More Online Reviews for Your Business

4 Mins read

Reviews are important for businesses. When people decide to buy anything online, they look for reviews first. They will feel more confident about their purchases if they see positive reviews. The problem is that not all customers feel comfortable with the idea of leaving a review. Even if they liked the products and services purchased, it wouldn’t guarantee that they will leave a good review online. Therefore, businesses should work hard to guarantee more online reviews. The good thing is that it’s possible to outsource review generation services so that businesses don’t have to worry about not getting enough reviews. These are some tips to help encourage more people to say something good about the business.

Run an email marketing campaign

Back then, email marketing was popular. When email was still the primary form of communicating with other people, marketing through this platform was easy and reliable. However, with the advent of more modern communication tools, emails are no longer that popular. The good thing is that there are still a few things that people conduct through emails. For instance, professional communications between companies and employees happen via emails. Online transactions still get processed through email exchanges. Therefore, email marketing as a form of review generation can be effective. If people receive a reminder to leave a positive review about the company, they might do it. According to the service, most people are willing to say something good. They just forget about it. If they get a reminder through emails, they might consider doing it.

Make it easier to review on the app

If the business has a store app, customers can review through the app itself. Once the customers have already received the products ordered online, there’s a feature that allows them to leave a review right away. If they don’t want to leave a review, they can at least read the products and services obtained.

Run a retargeting campaign 

This strategy aims at asking for reviews from specific individuals. After identifying the people who recently purchased items, they will receive an email. Since they have something to say about what they purchased, it won’t be a problem for them to leave a review. It can also happen via Google or Facebook. Instead of targeting every potential customer, it can be customized. Only the people who patronize the brand will see the advertisement that will remind them to leave a review.

Post updates on social media

The good thing about social media marketing is its flexibility. Businesses can say whatever they want through the social media account. People following the pages can immediately see the updates and engage. One of the most important reminders people can see on their newsfeed is about leaving a review. Loyal customers who will follow the page and decide to browse for information might have time to write a review.

Reward people who will write a review

This strategy is effective not only because it tells people to write a review but also guarantees that they will say something positive. Again, asking people to write a review. They will spend a few minutes drafting what to say. If they receive a reward for writing a review, they wouldn’t mind doing it. To generate reviews, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money. They can get a $10 Amazon gift card or a voucher to use for future in-store purchases. It might be a small amount, but it means something for people who will receive it.

Remind people through the app 

If the business uses an app where people can directly purchase items, they can also receive a reminder through a pop-up. It’s common for businesses with an app. It’s only a reminder that anyone can decline. It didn’t appear several times, depending on the frequency of using the app. If the person who used the app has enough time to leave a review, it’s easy to do it right away.

Collect review during events

There are special events where businesses have a chance to meet with customers. It can be through exhibits or conferences. During these events, it’s important to bring a laptop computer for people who patronize the brand can write a review. The reviews don’t have to be about the products and services. It can be about the people running the company since they already saw it firsthand. It can also be about the experience in using the website. There are many aspects to consider, and these life events are a good opportunity.

Post information on customer support forums

Joining forms forget audiences. It’s also a good link building strategy. Apart from link building and engaging with target audiences, it’ll also be an opportunity to remind people to leave a review. It’s even better if the discussion centers around customer support. The reviews can be about the customer services offered by the business. 

Make it easy to review

The review forms should be easy to answer. It can be a one-page document that anyone can finish within two minutes. It’s better than asking them to go through several pages before they can post the review. No one has enough time to do it. Again, the company is asking for a favor to do the review. Making it more complicated will turn off people willing to write the review.

Ask for reviews

The business has hundreds of customers. Not all of them will write a review. However, even if only 10% of them can say something good about the business, it can go a long way. Some agencies can offer this service. It would help avail of review generation services. It might seem easy to manage reviews and encourage people to write one, but it’s not. They have to feel comfortable with the idea of writing something about the business, and it needs experts to keep following up with them. If there are questions related to review writing, the agency can also deal with these customers. Since there are other aspects of the job to consider, it would be great if the agency will provide help.