How to Improve Your Body Composition?

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Body composition means everything that your body is composed of. You can classify them in two portions, fat mass portion, and lean mass portion. Fat mass portion refers to all the cells made up of fats in your body and on the other hand, lean mass includes bones, blood, muscles, and all the organs of your body. People normally evaluate body composition by body fat percent. There are many methods and tests that doctors and fitness experts use to measure this body fat percent. Understanding body composition is very important because in many cases you will get frustrated when you are not losing weight even after tough workouts because the amount of fat you lose with your exercise got compensated with the weight gain because of your muscle building. Here we have pointed out some ways to improve your body composition,

Nutrition To Maximize Body Composition:

When it comes to improving body composition your amount of calories and the type of calorie intake is very important to consider. If you are eating more calories than you torch in your workouts and other physical activities, you will automatically gain weight in the form of fat and vice versa. Similarly, the type of calories is also important, like if you are eating processed foods like pizza, burgers, etc., although you are taking a large number of calories yet you will not feel satisfied. Extra body fats that cause Fupa, should be eliminated from the body. Because everyone wants a perfect and fit body.

This is because these foods are low on protein and fiber, and while doing exercise you need plenty of proteins and fibers. Many people believe that it doesn’t matter how many calories you are in taking if you are doing regular exercise. This is not true because all exercises don’t burn an equal amount of calories and every person has not the same strength for doing intense workouts. There is a famous saying, “You can’t out-train a bad diet.”  In short, if you are closely checking your amount and types of calories you are eating, there is a great chance you will be able to maximize your body composition.

Perform a Balanced Exercise Regularly: 

Exercise plays an important part in improving your body composition as exercise builds your muscle mass while getting rid of fat mass at the same time. When you do your exercise while outfitted in a tracksuit, you need a balance in your exercise routine; it should be challenging enough to maximize your bodyweight and not that intense to challenge your body to the point of injury. Your body should be allowed to rest and recover between different exercises; this will keep your body charged and motivated for the next reps. A balanced exercise routine should consist of some stretching, resistance training, cardiovascular exercises, and the activities that can enhance your endurance level.

Other Factors Involved in Body Composition:

There are some other factors beyond exercise and nutrition that can affect body composition. Sleeping habit is one major reason behind your change in body composition. If you have a poor sleeping routine, there is a great chance you will start gaining weight. Another reason that badly impacts body composition is the ample usage of alcohol. Those who drink to the dregs fall victim to many ailments and obese is one of them. There are some natural factors like genetics and age that also play their part in improvement or deterioration of body composition.

Now let’s discuss some boons of having a good body composition.

Benefits of a Good Body Composition

There are a myriad number of health and fitness benefits of good body composition, here we have quoted some of them,

  • Chances for ailments like type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, and the cardio problem becomes very few. 
  • It improves the agility and flexibility of your body and allows you to move freely. 
  • An improved calorie-burning metabolism all-day long
  • Your body will be more in shape and almost fat-free. 
  • More likeliness of losing weight quickly and permanently