How To Keep Your Luggage Organized?

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We all love to travel, be it to different cities or countries we all love to travel with our family or even with friends sometimes to enjoy and relax. Sometimes we travel because of some emergency to meet relatives who live far away but travelling is an important part of life, ISNT IT? The most important thing when travelling is our luggage which holds traveller’s personal articles like clothes, shoes, swimsuit and other important stuff. 

So, it is equally important to keep your luggage organized and tidy because it will help in finding stuff to be used later on other than that organized luggage looks good to the eyes plus it’s easy to carry than untidy luggage.

It is of great importance to go through your bag and check thoroughly that items that you are carrying are really important? Obviously, you will find out items that you are carrying around unnecessarily. This needless stuff covers space that can be utilized keeping something else. Needless stuff includes makeup, remove the items that are used rarely and the same goes with the clothes and other stuff like shoe bags, that you don’t use regularly, it’s better to choose wisely and smartly. 

You can use bags tags, colour arrangement organization are some of the ways that can really help you out in organizing your luggage properly. Keeping the importance of clutter-free and organized luggage in mind, the following are mentioned a few tips to keep your luggage organized.

Let kids do the work:

An important tip that can really help to keep your luggage organized is to let your kids help when packing suitcases or bags and also in keeping they organized because kids get excited once they know they are heading somewhere. Train your kids on how to gather stuff and how to pack bags and suitcases. Older kids can help and assist younger ones. Kids can really help in organizing luggage and that is one tip to look out for.

Roll up your stuff:

One of the most important tips to keep your luggage organized is to roll your clothes like shirts, pants, dresses, socks and also your underwear too to get extra space to keep another important item. The main advantage of rolling everything is it maximizes space and allows you to keep extra items in your suitcase and bags. Not only this rolling up everything makes your suitcase look tidy, clean and organized.

Put similar things together:

The main advantage of this tip is that putting similar things together makes finding them later on easier without any effort. Keep like thighs together like charging chords, makeup items, perfumes, and socks. It helps in saving time and effort and makes finding things easier when needed.

Note things down:

One of the most important tips is to make a list of things that you want to carry with yourself when travelling as it would really help in keeping your bag and also luggage organized. It helps you keep a check on things that you want to carry and really helps when you are forgetting something to take with yourself. Make different sections for different items like one separate section for clothing items, one for perfumes and one for makeup, etc. doing so would help in keeping everything organized and in order and will help them finding such items easily.

Packing cubes really help:

Packing cubes help in keeping your luggage organized because it helps in storing clothes and other personal items separately by type. It provides separate space and you can use different spaces to store different items like use one to store clothes, one for shoes and the other for perfumes, etc. another advantage of packing cube is that it makes unpacking extremely easy and reduces efforts and also time.

Plastic bags:

plastic bags can be used to keep dirty clothes, wet items, jewellery, etc. it helps in separating dirty clothes from the clean ones. Using a plastic bag is one of the best options when travelling as it helps in organizing your luggage.

Unpacking is important:

Start unpacking your stuff as soon as you arrive at your destination to keep your clothes safe from wrinkles, hang your clothes, arrange your shoes in the drawer or any closet as it will make you feel relaxed and will also keep your stuff organized.

Put clothes that you will need immediately at the top:

whether your trip is a shorter one or even longer always place clothes that you will need immediately at the top because it will allow you to find them easily without any trouble and will also keep your luggage organized and clean. Do consider what place you are going or what your plan is when you reach there, keep these things in mind and them keep the clothes at top accordingly.

Wrap fragile items:

Another tip to keep your fragile items safe like liquor bottles etc. is to keep them in the middle centre of your suitcase or bag and surround and pad them with clothes to avoid any damage.

Wear the heaviest shoe:

Coming onto the shoes, one important tip to keep your shoes organized is to wear the heaviest and pack the others. Don’t try to take everything with you instead think and act smartly and put one sandal, one sneaker and one-party wear in your suitcase. Another tip is to stuff your shoes with items like sunglasses, socks, etc. to maximize space.

All you have to do is to follow simple tips that are mentioned above like making a list of stuff and things that you want to carry and choosing wisely what you really want and only taking that stuff along, roll up stuff because it maximizes space and allows more item to fit in, wrap fragile items to avoid any damage and unpack immediately after reaching your destination all these tips are equally important to organize your luggage and make it look clean and tidy. 


So, to conclude I would like to say that travelling is an important part of life and it has always been, organizing your luggage is not an easy job at all but it has many benefits and helps a great deal in saving time and effort. Clutter-free and organized luggage is not only easy to move but also looks nice to the eyes and most importantly is the first step towards organizing your home because it all starts with one small step. Organizing your luggage also helps you keep a track of everything, every item that you bought is important and organizing luggage includes taking proper care and measures to protect your luggage and personal belongings from any damage and that is why it is highly recommended.