How to Live on the Road Comfortably and Safely

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Nothing beats living on the open road. It gives you a chance to travel throughout the United States, it enables you to get closer to nature, and it can be an escape from normal, everyday life.

It has its challenges too. When you’re on the road, you leave many comforts at home. Not to mention, hour after hour spent on the road can get dull and boring.

Whether you’re taking off for a few months over the summer or you want to make living on the road a more permanent thing, it’s important to research ways that will make your life more comfortable and safe.

Make Safety on the Road Your First Priority

Driving is the most dangerous thing we all do every day. If you’re living on the road, you’re going to be doing more driving than most, which means you are putting yourself in danger more often than others. It’s important to make safety on the road your first priority.

Always watch what others are doing, and steer clear of other cars that are driving erratically or drifting out of their lane. Pay special attention to tractor-trailers as shifting loads, driver error, and poor weather conditions can make an accident more likely.

It’s also important that you don’t push yourself too hard. Although you may be itching to get to your next destination, if you’re tired, you should pull over and rest so you can give the road the attention it deserves.

Consider How You Can Make Living on the Road Sustainable for You

Living on the road is fun, but that fun doesn’t always last. You may find yourself wanting to cut your travels short because things aren’t very comfortable. Before you hit the road, you need to think very carefully about how you can make the road life more sustainable.

That includes deciding what to drive. Consider camper vans very carefully, but don’t shy away from a traditional camper if it’s more comfortable for you, even if it isn’t trendy at the moment.

Other things you need to consider include:

  • Can you install or learn how to use a portable fridge, stove, and sink?
  • Are you going to sleep on a mattress or couch?
  • Is there a way for you to hook up a fan if it gets hot?
  • Do you have a plan for how you’re going to use the internet?

Answering questions like these will help ensure you have what you need to stay as comfortable as possible on the road.

Practice Minimalism

Minimalism has a lot of benefits, but it is especially beneficial to those who live on the road. You aren’t going to have a lot of space if you’re living in a camper or a van, so it’s important to leave as many things behind as you can.

Consider a capsule wardrobe, leave the books behind and download eBooks instead, and choose items that serve more than one function. The less stuff you have, the less you will have to worry about while you’re on the road.

Be Prepared

Things happen, whether you’re on the road or at home. That’s just life! You have to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be when those things happen, which can be hard to do when you’re living in a van.

Being prepared means having a fully stocked first aid kit, and it also means having a basic tool kit. Simple tools like screwdrivers, a hammer, wrench, and pliers will enable you can fix small problems as they come up.

Care for Your Health

Living in a small space and spending more time on the road can wreak havoc on your health if you aren’t careful. It’s important that you pay special attention to what you eat and how you move your body while you’re living an unconventional lifestyle.

Having a fridge and a stove will enable you to cook your own meals, which is almost always better than stopping by the gas station or pulling through the local fast-food restaurant. With a small fridge, just make sure you plan meals and snacks carefully!

Staying fit on the road is also important. There are quick and easy exercises you can do, but you may find that a membership to a gym with locations nationwide is a better option for you.

Don’t let your excitement for hitting the road wear off! Make sure you’re comfortable and safe with these tips and you’ll want to stay on the road as long as possible.