How to Motivate Employees to Follow Security Measures

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As an owner or manager, you probably know the importance of following security protocols at work, but do all your employees feel the same way? 

Security measures need to take place to avoid personal data breaches at work. It can protect both the company and its clients in any field. Even after the initial training during hiring, employees need a further push to get on board with additional security requirements. Here are some ways you can ease them into the process.

Provide Accessories 

It may sound unusual, but providing accessories can be beneficial in this process. If your company requires a specific ID to enter certain work areas where confidential information is handled,employeesneed to carry that badge with them. However, it is human nature to forget sometimes. Providing employees with accessories like breakaway lanyards may remind them to take their IDs to work. 

When employees forget their IDs, they may request entry to areas without them. If an outsider finds out that accessing a specific site is easy, they may come into the company with ulterior motives. The ability to deceive the company’s members will enable people to gain access to private information. So, making it mandatory for an employee to wear their ID cards around their neck with breakaway lanyards can be helpful. Some employees may embrace different styles and colors of lanyards as accessories, making it easier for them to bring their ID cards to work.

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Don’t Stop Training

It is essential to provide continuous training to staff members to keep them on board with any security updates. Introduce any potential risks and steps on how to prevent them during the exercise. Frequent training sessions will also help the employees will be a good refresher of the content. New security threats may emerge often, and updating training documents will teach the employee how to deal with further issues.

Hand Out Rewards

One of the best motivators is positive reinforcement. You can show the employees that their actions are valued by giving them rewards when they follow protocols. For example, every time an employee completes a new training, provide them with some compensation. It could be a water bottle or a coffee shop gift card. Employees are likely to feel appreciated with reward systems. 

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Prioritize Support

It will be tough for employees to adhere to any guidelines if they do not have proper support. Instead of assigning tasks and asking them to complete the training by themselves, set up interactive sessions that keep them engaged. It is also likely that they may have questions about processes, and they need someone higher in the hierarchy to answer those. Constant support can be motivating.

Give Them Ownership

If the employees feel that they are a fundamental asset in the workplace, they will be more committed to the security programs. Take their opinions on how to improve the security process as it may be beneficial. Incorporate their suggestions in training and make necessary changes. They will be prone to valuing the system more if they help build it.

Following security measures is a significant component of any company. Follow this guideline to get your organization committed to safety.