How to Prepare for Acca? Exam Tips & Exam Strategy

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So you have decided on getting the ACCA qualification to take your career ahead and have completed the application procedure. Now, comes the toughest challenge which is to study for the exams and cover the vast curriculum of this global accounting degree. 

Even though initial panic when you get to know about ACCA exams is understandable, there is nothing to fear. Many students have successfully cleared the exam and made a brilliant future in the business sector. 

Here is something to remember- just like everything else, ACCA preparation too needs a strong strategy and some valuable tips can be of great help if applied with sincerity and precision. 

Set a schedule in place

Over 50.000 students are already a part of the global accountancy body and the winning formula of their success is a well-strategized study plan. Before you even begin your preparation, you have to chalk out a schedule where you have to decide on the subject to study, allot space for specific topics and the amount of time they will take to cover. 

While designing this schedule, keep other things like your work routine and other professional and personal commitment in mind as well. This will help you draft a thorough timetable that covers everything of importance and ensures you don’t leave out anything. 

Get familiar with syllabus 

The ACCA syllabus is vast and you have to prepare for 13 different exams. This means that the earliest you get acquainted with the entire syllabus the better it is. This will also guide you on the importance of each topic from an examination point of view. 

ACCA has a set exam structure and knowing about it will give you an understanding of the types of questions that will appear and how to prep for them.

Target-based study 

After you are done with setting a schedule and getting familiar with the exam syllabus and structure, you need to begin your preparation. To give traction to your studies, you must have set targets for each day which will help you better understand how effective each study session is. 

Make use of past papers 

An excellent way to practise and revise after studies is to practice past papers which will give a complete overview of what you can expect from ACCA exams and how well your preparation is. 

It will also build you up to manage time effectively which is needed if you have to complete the exam in a set time. Other important factors like familiarity with question type and concept is taken care of through practice exam papers. 

Get professional help

Let’s face it! ACCA is not your typical exam and carries enormous significance. If you clear the exam, you will open yourself for a lifetime of opportunities and hence, it’s pivotal that you take all the help necessary. ACCA online learning helps you get access to industry expert tutors who will provide you with guidance and relevant subject material which will be useful in clearing the exam with a good score. 

You will be constantly supported throughout the process by tutors who will address all your doubts and provide you with necessary guidance. Hence, you will be well prepared for the ACCA exam without any stress.