How to Protect Your Mercedes’ Engine

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The engine is an integral part of your Mercedes car. As it has been stressed time and again, you must take good care of your vehicle if you want to keep it in top shape and get a good value when you decide to put your Mercedes for sale in UAE. Here are some tips by the experts at that can help you protect your engine.

Be Mindful Of Weird Noises

There are some standard noises that engines make but if you hear something unusual, it could be indicative of a problem and should be your cue to start an inspection. If you are lucky, the weird noises would be a result of a minor problem. Otherwise, it might bring your attention to a much serious issue that warrants professional help. The message here is that instead of ignoring these noises, you should get to the bottom of the problem.

Oil Change

As you might already know, engine oils act as a lubricant between moving components inside the engine, and after some time, it starts to get dirty, and this hampers its ability to perform its duties. If you wait too long between oil changes, it may lead to permanent damage to the engine. Thus, it’s integral to follow your manufacturer’s specifications regarding oil change. The good news is that due to the latest engine technology many modern cars can easily manage longer distances between oil changes. Be sure to check your vehicle’s manual. When you change the oil, the oil filter must be replaced too. 

See If The Air Filter Needs To Be Changed

Your car needs a constant flow of air and it’s essential for keeping the engine running. Your engine should get unrestricted air supply without any dirt or debris. That’s where air filters come in. They keep all the exterior junk such as dirt, leaves, and bugs from getting inside the engine. Since air filters can get clogged over time, they should be replaced when dust and debris settle in.

Take Care Of The Cooling System

When the temperature rises, it can cause the metal to warp and deform. You don’t want this happening to your engine and thus, it’s imperative that you maintain its cooling system, which includes the radiator and coolant, among other things. This essential habit will ensure nothing goes wrong. You should follow the owner’s manual for information regarding the coolant and the radiator. 

Keep An Eye On The Engine Light

The engine light is part of a vehicle’s onboard diagnostics system. When it detects a problem that it can’t solve on its own, it brings your attention to it. Thus, if the light comes on, don’t ignore it and get it checked right away.

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