How to Revamp Your Look Without a Time-Consuming Makeover

2 Mins read

Makeovers are a great idea in essence, but they can be incredibly time-consuming. They take time spent on Pinterest boards, flicking through magazines and, of course, making those all-important errors along the way. However, with jobs to go to and kids to look after, we don’t all have time for a big, sweeping makeover. The best way to reform your look is to choose cost-effective and time savvy methods of switching up your look. 

Shop Online For Glasses 

If you have been wearing the same style of frame for most of your life, then why not try on something new for size? While going into the store and trying on all the different shapes and styles can be fun, it can also make us feel self-conscious at the best of times. Nowadays, it’s possible to order your preferred frame online and order that way. You can find Liz Claiborne glasses at much more reasonable prices than any other designs at the mall.

Go Thrifting 

One aspect of a makeover that many people struggle with is sifting through the latest trends to finally find a version of the current style that actually suits them. The best way to find timeless items that don’t age is to hunt through a thrift store. Not only is this a much more eco-conscious way of shopping, but you will find a surprising variety to browse through, and you might even find a few items that will be uniquely yours – it’s very unlikely anyone else will have them. 

Let The Accessories Speak 

If you don’t have the budget or time to go out and spend endless hours shopping for new clothes, then maximize your use of accessories. If you’re too frightened to go for bold pops of color in your clothes, or to experiment with different styles of tailoring then go for statement pieces of jewelry, or maybe even a bag that’s in a bold color. These items don’t carry the entire outfit, but they will, at the very least, create a statement in their own right. 

Get Creative 

If you have old items that have seldom been worn because they’re missing a few buttons, have a hole in them, or just look a bit worn, then it’s time to exercise your creative streak. You will be surprised by what can be salvaged by some very basic sewing skills. Dying an old item a different color can also be quite transformative; a bag of fabric dye will cost considerably less than a new garment. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be dyed a new color. Giving your old pair of jeans a refresh with a deep indigo or pitch black could be all they need to look like new. A hot wash and trip in the tumble-dryer first will also tighten them up. 

Sometimes, a style revamp is partly in the mind’s eye. Sometimes all we need is a new eyeliner, lipstick color or freshened up pair of jeans to feel like brand new. Therefore it’s much wiser to spend your hard-earned cash on style items than are truly noticeable like a statement vintage piece or a new pair of glasses.