How to Style a Man Bun

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Understanding How to Style a Man Bun

Man Bun Styles

A man bun is an excellent way to tame your long hair. If you want to wear one, there are varying looks that you can opt for depending on the length of your hair and how you need it to look like. If you need a more stylish and sophisticated look or formal, you should choose a full bun. 

If you have buzzed hair on the sides of your head, then you should opt for a top knot. It will surely look great. There is also a bun for those who like casual looks. To create a man bun, you should start by combing your hair, pull it back and then hold it in place using a hair tie.

Method 1: Creating a Quick and Messy Man Bun.

  • Scrunch Your Hair Using Your Fingers And Then Bunch Them In The Back Of Your Head.

Grab the amount of hair as you can from the top and front of your head. Slick your locks back and collect it slightly below the crown of your head.

With this bun look, you can keep the hair at the back of your head or hold it together to create a bun.

  • Pull The Hair Halfway Through An Elastic Band.

Your locks should be able to fold in half and create a man bun as you pull the entire hair halfway through an elastic band. This hairdo looks great if you have shoulder-length locks. If you have long locks, folding the ponytail may make the hairstyle appear too shaggy, hence cease being a bun.

  • Twist and Gently Wrap Your Hair Tie Around the Bun One More Time.

With your locks still pulled halfway through, continue twisting the hair and then wrap the hair ties around your bun.

Wrapping it the second time ensures your man bun is tight and secured in place. This is a great cut if you are late, and you want to style your hair quickly. 

Man Bun Styles

Method 2: Creating a Full Bun.

  • Grow Your Locks Out to At least 10-16 Inches.

One of the main ingredients in rocking a full bun is long hair. It utilises all hair on your head and needs more hair compared to the other man bun styles. If your hair is not at least 10-16 inches long, then you should wait for it to grow or opt for a different look. A full bun is a suitable man bun to wear for formal events.

  • Pull Your Locks Back And Then Bunch Them Up On Top.

The crown is where the top and back of your head meets. Most full buns are styled in between the centre of the back and the crown of the head. To do that, scrunch your hair and bunch it up to the place where you need your bun to rest. This will involve all the manes on the sides and the back of your head.

  • Wrap Your Locks Twice Using An Elastic Band.

Pull the hair you are holding in your hands and pull it through the hairband, and twist the hairband, and pull your locks via the new holes. This creates a ponytail. You may also twist the hair tie the third time and create a half do with your hair.

Man Bun Styles

Method 3: Tying a Top Knot.

  • Grab The Manes On The Crown Of Your Head.

A top knot appears great on haircuts that are short on the back and the sides but longer on the top. Run your fingers back through the locks. Gather the hair on the crown of your head and grab it.

The top knot should be located in the centre or at the crown of your head. It all depends on where you want it to be. You require 6-8 inches of hair to come up with a beautiful man bun.

  • Pull The Hair Via The Elastic Band.

Get your elastic band, and then pull your locks through it. The elastic band should lie fit against the head.

  • Twist Your Elastic Band And Then Pull Your Hair Through The Hole.

Once you wrap your hair using the elastic band the second time, it should appear like a ponytail or like a rat tail on the top.

Source: MensHaircuts