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How to Take Care of Your Linen Sheets

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Linen bedding is made from fibres of stems from the flax plant. They are totally different from cotton, which is made from flowers of the cotton plant. Both cotton and linen are exemplary good for making bed linen. They need, at some point, be handled and dried in different ways to get the best out of them both. Linen depends on how it is dried up, so it is easier to change its press. Linen also absorbs a fair amount of moisture, thus making it a better fabric for the bed. Linen is mostly pleasant during the warm weather. Cotton, on the other hand, absorbs a lot of moisture, thus hindering it from being great fabric for bed linen.

When comparing the thread counts in the cotton and linen, it is crucial to know that counts are very low in linen. The reason behind this is that threads are thicker than the cotton. You will be able to enjoy your linen for a long time as we have added a laundered finish lather than over laundering. We understand that over laundering will significantly wear the fabric in your linen and thus reducing the lifespan of your linen.
We ensure that every 100% linen bedding is dyed and well laundered to give it a unique rustic finish, thus giving every piece a slight difference. As you get your linen, it will get softer with time as you keep on washing.

How to wash and dry your 100% linen bedding

Wash your linen with a fabric softener at about 30 to 40 degrees to prevent it from being stiffer. This will keep your linen super soft. To dry your linen, you need to use a tumble dryer sheet or even a line dry. Always ensure that the temperature is very low when drying your linen bedding to prevent it from burning. Following these steps will generally help you keep your 100% Linen bed sheets soft. In case you want to iron your linen bedding, you should do it when it is slightly wet to make it look good. The following will give you a way to roll your 100% linen bedding easily.

How to iron your 100% linen bedding

You need to know this is not a mandatory exercise to do for your linen bedding since it usually has a tumbled look even without ironing. Though in rare cases, it may become crumpled as you are drying it. With this, you need to make it flat and smooth, and this necessitates the need for iron. To iron, get a medium-hot iron that you will use and ensure you handle it with care. Also, ensure that you iron dark-colored linen using French blue or charcoal on the reverse. You can also rotate your dark-colored linen towards sunshine if its direct to your room so as it does not fade some places.

Ensuring that you wash your linen bedding from time to time and dry it properly will give you long service, thereby saving you some money. Keep in touch with us to learn more about ways to maintain your linen bedding.For more linen care tips visit Houserituals website.